You have a PM.regular_smile
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I can't believe it's this hard to get laid when you have a couple $$$ dollars in your pocket.

PM me please.

You said brother. These ladies in NE Ohio just don't want a good guy whose willing to pay 300 to 500 dollars instead they are ignoring them. Wish it was clear cut as most things hopefully I'll be back trying locals for now watch out I got a hot lady coming in late April a bombshell wow. Here we gooooo. Good try lung man

came thru in a pinch.  Luckily I was already screened.  Thanks Chase.  Now on to next fun time.

I would hook you up any day. Glad you found a good one because YOU deserve it. Very nice gent here ladies.

For once in my life...I LOVE my 5 in pecker.....lol.
How often do you find a women with a shallow kitty?
I never have, but i have now.

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