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I am exactly what your untamed dreams are made of ...
KristaStarr See my TER Reviews 5733 reads

When you know what you want and when you want it, anything else would be a total waste. I’m exactly what your very untamed dreams are made of.
As your ultimate VIP Tattooed Companion, I want you to do more than take in the view. I want you to take a seat, because the show is about to begin, and there’s more than just an opening number. I’m the story that you’ve been waiting to be told in just the right voice. The voice of reason, and the voice of unadulterated passion.
This is not to say I don’t want you to admire the view, because I totally do. I take pride in the art that dons this wicked chalice, so allow your eyes to gaze upon what they deserve to. But just before they glaze over, take my hand and we’ll be off into the throes of sheer ecstasy you never really saw coming in the first place.
A consummate companion for a night on the town that we’ll soon paint all shades of hard rock red, the sights are one thing, but the quality of the company that I provide will do more than entertain you during witty and deep conversation amidst the flickering, romantic candlelight.
The picture’s been painted enough for you to know that there’s a lot more to see. Click your mouse over to my site at it’s an amazing web experience packed with incredible pictures, the best ways to get in contact with me, and so very much more.
Do yourself the favor of making the best choice that the digital space we share has to offer by reaching out to me. I simply can’t wait to meet you!

Krista, there are only two kinds of HOT!
And you are both.
I leave it for every other poster 'boy' to figure them out and fill in the blanks.

When are you coming to vistit us here in Boston?

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