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Blaire Fierre
LAMobster 3023 reads

Has anyone seen her since she dropped her rate from $800 to $250?  She is super hot and has two solid reviews, but no reviews since the price drop.

If they offerred me a $5 steak that was supposed to be as good as the $40 steak,I would definitely take the offer. One of three things will happen. It will be as good as the $40 steak and I would have gotten one hell of a deal, or it would be not as good but not bad, and would still be a good deal for 5 bucks, or it would be crap, but hey I'm only out 5 bucks!

Not a great analogy on your part, because of the bigger investment. With the provider, basically the same three things could happen but in the worst case I would be out a couple hundred, not 5. So I probably wouldn't be so ready to take that deal, as compared to the steak deal.

Anyhow, this topic was already discussed last week. (Not just this general topic, but the same girl)

That $5 steak would never be that good and when I step into Mastro's
I only want a great steak.
Same thing that $250 would never be that good if I were looking for
what that ad is showing.

Zorro86456 reads

I will keep it as simple as possible because I do not want to offend anyone but I just saw Blaire Fierre this morning.  She is awesome.  There may be other providers that are justas good, but I doubt there is anyone out there that is any better.  Check out the 2 TER reviews.  The 2 gentlemen, in my opinion, did not give her her due.

Using the Mastro analogy, I had a $40 steak for the price of a decent fast food hamburger!

There's probably no one with a better combination of athleticism, creativity, and just plain reckless desire in bed.

I tried to give Blaire her due, but my writing and memory are not up to the task.

Let's stop comparing her to meat though. :P

I saw her this week. I was skeptical as well, but just went for it.

Blaire has a crazy amount of energy, and delivered again and again. My review is still being drafted. I'm waiting for the afterglow to wear off so I can think straight. Still buzzing.

she didn't ask for full name and company information.

I have a date with her next week from the reviews that i have read i can't wait i will let you know

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