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ABQ judge busted for raping prostitute
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Didn't see this on your local board so thought I'd share it.  No other names but the judge's in it so I hope it's OK.  I assume none of ya'll hang out with the guy.

Nothing to do but drink, do drugs and fuck. I don't do drugs anymore, so that leaves more time and resources for the other two...! ;)

out of your drunken stupor!  Hope you didn't know this guy.  Now I need to go get more vodka.

He's a fucking freak, too. Has TS' visiting him at all hours. Scares the shit out of my dogs.

Don't get me started on the 'guys' going over there, looking like the biker-dude from the Village People. Leather chaps and shit with their asses hanging out....

Geez. Thought my property value went down cuz of the fucking economy...!

Went to the bank, then to the liquor store for beer and rum. Haven't had vodka in a while and Mikey digs the buzz. Fuck!

Oh well. I'll go thru that half gallon in a few days. Note to self: vodka. toilet paper. beer. dog food. jerky. beer.

Oh yeah, and beer. ;)

NM seems to be having supply issues. Plenty of hippopotamuses though. ha ha ha

This type of piss-ant really chaps my ass.

Might I suggest you also post this on the P & R Board?

A prime example that "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

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