Please keep your mask ON! (End)
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How many guys would ACTUALLY participate in a Gangbang?  The reason that I ask is that 2 very well known Providers in Chicago engage in this activity.  One even tried to get guys to do a Gangbang with her and she could not get enough interest (Chloe Boulez).

Is this something you would participate in?  I will be completely honest -  I need to figure out some way to enter, perform, leave with a mask on.  This is for several reasons.  

I wonder if a provider could have guys enter at 5 minute intervals so those that wanted to disguise themselves could do so.

What do you think?  

This is a SERIOUS post not some BS.

(bad enough.i.e. 2nd+appointment of the day)...but slobby 25ths?no f-cking way!

Something kinda hot about a girl that is up for that kinda challenge/task/whatever,lol so if she has top notch looks I might be interested in seeing her one on one sometime. The gangbang aspect would be out, not a bid stickler on discretion but that is a bit much as far as the number of stangers that would be encountered.

Yeah that Chloe girl is real nice - kinda surprised by her look that she would be into gangbang.

Chicago has to be one of the top five best places to hobby if not the best. Top talent on a steady basis, both local and on tours, and the prices are reasonable ($300-$500 an hour) when you compare to New York,etc. Man would I have some fun there.

As far as the gangbang with Chloe, would the participants have to donate to be a part??

Going to Chicago next week.
Got 1-2 girls lined up per day...
Time to get bonkers!

Well there is no way I would pay if I had to share with others...lol...I mean what the hell???...lmfao

Perhaps, but need more details before making a decision....

One house
Multiple rooms
3 hours
4-5 men
6-8 women
One Admission price per man (ie. $1000)

I'm sure some of you have read the reviews of this on other boards...invitation only.

...I've read some of the reviews on it and they were pretty hot I have to admit.

Also I've been to 2 orgies/swinger parties .... a bit different than GB's sure but more or less  group sex is group sex. I don't have the guts to participate but I won't lie I love to watch.

..call me scared but I don't think I'll be signing up for that...don't wanna watch either.
So, Gang Bangs are making a come back, huh...wow

Normally one girl getting pounded by multiple guys at the same time. I would be in the hospital but would love to meet a vagina that could get through one of those, much less DP on the menu. Goodness.

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Id participate in a GB, sure, as long as shes into it,  although not if shes wanting to charge full price per guy. that's probably why she didn't get enough interest. But a girl with the skills to handle multiple guys at the same time is a rare find.

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