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You've never started a thread but you make negative...
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...comments.  If you don't like the thread, move on or come up with a topic of your own for a change.

...It's not enough just to hide the condoms from your wife if you don't use them at home.  Football player Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson's wife found a receipt for condoms in his car.  They argued about it and he allegedly head butted her.  He was arrested for domestic violence.  They've been married a grand total of six weeks.

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What to gross out your annoying neighbor?  Just get a condom, open it up, squirt some liquid soap in it and toss it on that neighbor's car at night so the soap runs out and down the side.   Oh gosh, those flash backs to my college days.  There are lots of other reasons one can come up with to buy condoms if you are quick thinking.

...comments.  If you don't like the thread, move on or come up with a topic of your own for a change.

crazyshit162 reads

Maybe not on the LA boards, but I have on the NYC boards, the GD boards, and the RO boards.

Do a search...I can help if you don't know how to do that.

...Maybe you need to look up the definition of "plenty."

Of course, if you don't believe me you can..."Do a search...I can help if you don't know how to do that."

BTW, the one and only thread you started also had to do with the age of providers.  

You posted 370 times in the last 45 days on the GD board.  That doesn't include all your posts on the other boards.  You're one busy little beaver, aren't you?  Take some time off TER and get yourself some beaver.

crazyshit132 reads

Doesn't seem like I'm the guy who needs to get laid.

But you know...I get it if you, Big Papasan, can't think or type as fast as some others here.  :)

Be well.

crazyshit179 reads

If a topic comes up on the board, it's fair game for discussion.  Otherwise, why would you post it on the board?

Again, I'll repeat it because you seem to miss my point:  The notion that we need to watch out about leaving evidence behind is so incredibly obvious that it deserves a response of, "Why would (the issue of not leaving behind evidence) be news?"

Or maybe you are just saying that Ochocinco is an idiot, in which case I would say..."The guy plays sports.  He ain't a rocket scientist."

...wasn't true.  Now you're dancing as fast as you can, trying to change the subject.  That's pretty "obvious."

crazyshit153 reads

By the way, the word "obvious" originally had the meaning of "as any fool would know," in case you didn't know.

The news that Ochocinco did this is news because it sells papers.  You telling us not to leave behind evidence is...obvious.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.  :)

How does one go about purchasing a buttplug at like a sex shop?   Do you do it with confidence or do you do it stealthily??
I remember when I was young, trying to buy condoms and lube wand the whole thing was a preplanned affair!

Posted By: NeedleDick, the BugFucker
Try explaining that!:D

just make sure you don't have the wrapper  stuck to the bottom of your shoe when you leave ..

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