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As long as a person acts right, they don't have to worry about seeing that side of me lol. My girl Valerie really did toss a lamp at a guy and she is in the top 10 on here I believe ha ha.

Ok I have had a question that I have wanted to ask for a while but haven't, excuse me if I am not in solidarity with my fellow hobbyists for asking but it really blows my mind the more I read about this on other boards.

What is up with these hobbyists that insist that it is foolhearty and that "they never would" give the donation up front and think that the provider should be fine with it being handed over after the session is over. I can't fathom how they are able to get away with doing this on a ongoing basis, the only guess I have is that they see a very low class type provider, that is judging from the norm on the particular board I read most of the accounts and views.

I understand the rational to a point, they don't want to get ripped off or lied to about services provided. But what provider can be expected to just hope that the guy has the donation afterwards, how can the provider be assured of not being ripped off. Outside of prior experiance with an individual where it can be safely assumed he will pay (as he has done before) there is no way to be sure. Are these guys aware that some "hobbyists" try to play games when it comes to donation?

It just kinda blows my mind and something that has never came into my mind to do myself, and I have never been ripped off even though I give the donation beforehand. That is where reviews come in.

I can imagine these clowns end up getting told to leave quite a bit, probably thinking to themselves that the girl was a ripoff when she wasn't, she just wants to assure herself that she doesn't..

I just don't see how these guys could find girls (outside the odd one here and there) that would go for that arrangement, maybe its because I don't hobby in the discount ailse, maybe it goes on more than I think.

Any thoughts??

..... BUT clearly if they are not giving up the donation beforehand or claim they don't let her check it before the fun  are  1. lying or 2. get away with it.

I've heard too many times a guy slip over an envelope with a bunch of 1's, paper and coupon and bolt out the door on the provider and a lot of them weren't "lower class" ladies either just ridiculously trusting.

Some of them tho who can get away with it are not all bad let's say they've seen the provider x amount of times over x amount of yrs and have never shorted a "red cent".

I personally don't do pay me later of after but i'm not the count it in your face type either.

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I see no problem with the donation coming afterwards if the guy is a trusted regular, that is something altogether different, the provider is not dealing with a total stranger.

Funny thing is the last dumbass that I read about doing this complained about getting cussed out by the provider when he replied to her request to lay the donation on the table with a "not until I get what I came for",lol, what a clown. Assuming the girl was not a rip off artist, I think it is pretty rotten that according to the dipshit she was pissed because she was out money for the room and she also was going to be posted on the board as problematic. The guy is probably lucky that the provider didn't attack him - what a total knucklehead, I always thought proper ediquette in this hobby was donation on a table or in bathroom beforehand.

And I wonder why this area never gets top talent making visits - too many cheapskates and/or dumbasses.

Oh no no no i've heard of it happening (paper, coupons and few dollars in an envelope) with someone they've seen on a 3rd or 4th date. I couldn't or wouldn't let that happen even if i've seen them 100 times.... there is always a way to verify a donation without the guy seeing if he's one of those sensitive about her touching the money AT ALL until he leaves (I don't get that). If he showered before arriving he should be shown the bathroom (or hopefully know to do that on his own) to wash his hands and use mouthwash....he's gonna be in there 1 minute tops, just enough time to quickly glaze over it and verify and put it away (yes I said put it away because i won't risk it being swiped on the way out which isn't uncommon either), otherwise the lady has more time to do it while the gent showers....period.  May seem paranoid (maybe smart) but it could be that 101st visit where for whatever reason that regular client who KNOWS you "trust him" for him to jip you and.....I'll have none of it.  I don't know everything that goes on even in my atf clients lives all the time.

I hate to bring street action into this but even most SW's want the money first (or maybe i've seen too many of those old documentaries lol) so HOPEFULLY the better class of providers should know better also.  Proper ettiquette with a decent provider anyways IS to put the donation down in plain sight (if incall) or in the bathroom beforehand (if outcall) or whatever other instruction the provider states.... it's the ripoffs (guys and providers alike) messing everything up.

It's happening everywhere (even in my market recently) ...... I've yet to touch Ohio but i'd love to sooner than later.

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I in my limited experience have always given the donation at the start of the session, even with a lady I had seen before.  I have not yet had any problems. I laid down the envelope when I got there or had it sitting out when they arrived. If they checked it, it was either when I was in the bathroom or when they went to the bathroom. Why get the lady pissed at you before  the session even starts, hows that gonna lead to a good time?

Indeed. It is P4P.  What part of leave the envelope where instructed with the correct fee don't these guys understand?  I don't care if she checks the envelope beforehand or not.  Hell, she can lay the bills out on the bed and we can  count them together one by one.  I know why I am there and so does she.  Why make it complicated.

anything happens but sometimes you are so comfortable with someone, it's not what you are thinking of right then. I have had guys even get so wrapped up they forgot to leave it and called me ha ha. I have been totally ripped off 3 times in 4 years, but live and learn.

I be amazed at the number of reports from ladies that do jot collect before jamd being ripped off.
Once she's a seasoned Provider ?.lol...$ she'll have no prob addressing the issue head/on im under 3 minutes.
My Hooker Mentor trained me very well (Bravo to Ciara in Buffalo) and still does this for girls....free!...good soul on her!!

The envelopes were stuffed with paper, one with Santa Claus money in Nashville, and the other actually stole the money back and my cell phone and ran out the door. Just wow!

Wow,Thanks, just thought of a way i can get laid, without having money!!...lol

It was a joke London,guess we don't have the same sense of humor, will keep my mouth shut from now on.

you were joking, but my statement was not a joke for someone stupid enough to try it.

I take everything literal.
Now i know what u mean...thanks L.

providers getting ripped off. It probably doesn't happen nearly as much as some providers who rip off hobbyists but it still happens.

But yet on this one other board in particular it seems like whenever a guy reports a rip-off they get some retort from one of the resident penny pinchers on there that "that is what you get when you give them the money beforehand".

I don't know if some of these guys insist on doing that all the time or if they only do it with unreviewed girls or what. Me, I see reviewed girls and donate beforehand knowing all is well and ussually steer clear from unreviewed girls unless there is significant evidence that makes me think all is ligit and she is just new.

I would think that it would be a matter of time until this kind of breach of ediquette would lead to some kinda bad story. I mean if one is going to hobby on the edge (see unreviewed providers off bargain basement sites at bargain basement prices) then you pretty much have to take the good with the bad I would think. Even if the guy was right about suspecting the girl to be a rip off, how many of these scammers have on call muscle who would probably take issue with the guy not handing over the donation. Like I said, they are asking for trouble I think, whether that means getting blacklisted or beat up or something in between.

everyone sees him. I would not just because he is an a hole, but I would not be afraid of him ripping me off. Too many guys use that bs excuse to try and get more time, anal, or whatever else they can try and make threats with. I may be small but I won't hesitate to toss a lamp at a guy who wants to get stupid with me. Let him explain THAT to his wife!

As long as a person acts right, they don't have to worry about seeing that side of me lol. My girl Valerie really did toss a lamp at a guy and she is in the top 10 on here I believe ha ha.

my reg.says it happens more(especially new guys,but not always).seriously,how do you look in the mirror when you cheat these girls out of money?if you do that,your just scum in my book.

...don't like what they see when they do which is why they feel the need to shortchange in the first place because some are pissed they have to pay to simply be in the same room all alone with her let alone have to have sex (eventually).

yet another guy that day/week and make up the money, but that's not really the point. We are still out of it no matter how many we see, and who wants to end up with a UTI for screwing that much lol. I am happy to report I had ZERO problems with the boys in Cleveland...not a single complaint about anyone I met. That does not happen anywhere but TN I thought lol.

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(especially for 1st meeting):door opens,greeting hug/kiss,drop envelope on night stand or in bathroom,fun can begin(some will count money-some guys are offended by this,but i say for 1st time,no guy should take it personal.this has never even met you.

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I am seeing that there are both sides of the issue here and both have legit arguments.

Consider this for a moment:

Do you pay your auto mechanic up front to perform work on your vehicle?

Do you pay your doctor up front to perform a diagnosis of your reason for the office call?

Do you pay your chiropractor up front when the practitioner performs the prescribed services as prescribed by a medical provider?

If you have answered NO to all of those questions, then the answer to this issue is fairly easy to conclude.

I have always paid the provider the full amount request after the service has been performed, never before. Oh, yes, I always pay in full, too. There are no options for payment plans as the other services may offer. To those providers who demand that the money be placed in a designated spot before the session begins, I always honor the provider's request, but with a twist, in which I will keep to myself.


a lot about what is on the blacklist sites. Every field you mentioned is one that is regulated and legal which means if you don't get what you pay for you have the option of hiring an attorney to get your money back...this is an ILLEGAL business where we have no recourse but posting your personal info everywhere when you do something of this sort, and no way of getting the money back even if we do. Your logic is elementary at best, and I hope the ladies worth their salt are paying close attention.  

Any woman willing to trust a guy she has never met to pay her after is either too new to realize how stupid that is or so desperate for money she will let a guy like you walk all over her...I digress.  It is far from what ANY quality provider I know would accpet unless she knows a guy already.

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