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I would love to join you both as a threesometeeth_smile
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I'm posting this again cause my girl and I are still looking for someone for this weekend... any providers out there that want to be our anniversary gift in LA let us know!!! :)


I've had 3somes with my bisexual girlfriend in the past, but before she didn't want to use a provider, which made it tough to find partners on a regular basis.

But lucky me she's had a change of heart and now wants to try it with a provider.  Do any of you have a suggestion on a great provider in the LA area who will do outcall with couples and won't charge an arm and a leg (we'll hopefully be all tangled in those)?  I did a search but truthfully there's too many choices and I haven't found a review of provider coming to a house for a couple's session.  Maybe I'm missing something.

Hope you guys can help a friend out.  Thanks!

i read your post and i would love to come have some fun with you and your gf. check out my ad and my reviews.  xoxo

I've done three different threesomes with ND and each experience was phenomenal!  Nikita is fun, funny, smart and very accommodating.  It may be a bit more than what you're planning but why not go the extra mile and hook up with someone who is almost guaranteed to make it a memorable occasion!

Hope you understand, Ashley, I'm guessing you do!  And of course, this has me thinking two things: 1) fond memories of that wonderful evening with you and Mia and 2) you, me and ND really do have to do that one of these days!

I absolutely understand and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Believe me, I definitely remember our very nasty adventure together.

Lets do ND as our next encounter together, Corwinofavalon...

please see my ad below for contact info...no arms or legs but i do require a 90 min session for couples :)

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