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Serious question. Inquiring mind needs to know....sad_smile
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As I check out the newest reviews every couple of days or so, it has become alarming clear that my particular race is not so desirable in our city.  

So my question gentleman....Is Los Angeles and "surrounding areas" a dead market for Black/Ebony/African American and even Mixed Race providers?????  

Is it all about the "K-girls"?  Caucasian women will always be in demand (not to be taken as disrespectful please).  Even Latin women seem to be lacking in recent reviews.  

And yes, I know there are obviously reviews of us (and I have several fantastic ones) but it just seems so far and few between that it makes me wonder if I am waisting my time in this market.  
Hell, I am not getting any inquiries except for those that are visiting from out of town!!!  Is it all in my head or are you just not reviewing us?  
And yes, I am a very good looking sister that is in shape and gives a great service. : )

What does it take for you to see a black provider or any provider of color aside from asian?... Looks?.... Skin Tone?..... Service?... Or you would only see one at a "certain" price point?....  Do they have to rate a 10 in looks for you to see them?.... Maybe you just saw a good lookin one at the office or at the mall and now it's got you thinking...?  Or is it that you just consider it "taboo" to see a black woman and are simply not attracted?

Ladies if you have an opinion...please let it be heard. Guys feel free to use your alias'.  Please someone enlighten me????!!!!!

I honestly don't see any other ethnicities other than asian but what you posted has crossed my mind from time to time and it is a great question. LA is diverse but in terms of the hobby scene I do see a sparseness to the AA ladies and Latina ones as well.


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Thanks for responding.

Yeah, one would think that there would be enough demand for all ethnicities here.  I do really well while touring other cities.  It would just be really nice to be able to stay home in LA and be able to pay the bills.  LOL

And yes, I get it... to each is own but guys remember variety is the spice of life!!! IMHO you all should experience stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while ...you never know, you may be missing out on your true "once in a lifetime".

Indeed variety is the spice of life. If you are in the LA area pm me and we can set something up :)

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Thanks for responding.

Yeah, one would think that there would be enough demand for all ethnicities here.  I do really well while touring other cities.  It would just be really nice to be able to stay home in LA and be able to pay the bills.  LOL

And yes, I get it... to each is own but guys remember variety is the spice of life!!! IMHO you all should experience stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while ...you never know, you may be missing out on your true "once in a lifetime".

I totally agree with you, and feel like your pushing on that boundary. And it seems like something good should come of it. Since I don't spend a lot of time on the site in recent years and haven't VIP, I wish there was a way you could let us know you are. I am very intrigued by you now.

FWIW, I recently dated a bi-racial civvie from Toronto and we talked about there being a much hogher percentage of mixed-race couples there. Maybe it's happening more slowly here. But people like you help move it forward.

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Thanks for responding.

Yeah, one would think that there would be enough demand for all ethnicities here.  I do really well while touring other cities.  It would just be really nice to be able to stay home in LA and be able to pay the bills.  LOL

And yes, I get it... to each is own but guys remember variety is the spice of life!!! IMHO you all should experience stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while ...you never know, you may be missing out on your true "once in a lifetime".

I've been pretty entrenched in the hobby for 10+ years in LA and I like women of all body types and ethnic backgrounds. That's the thing I like about the hobby...variety. I can tell you that from a guy's prospective, the K-girls are definitely the best bang for the buck. With the popular ones, that $250 for the hour gets you a pretty good GFE. $250 for FS carte blanche (sans anal) speaks volumes in this economy for the monger. The bookers for these girls know this, and use it as a marketing point so to speak and exploit it. That's what makes them popular, and that's why there are so many reviews for them on TER. With other women I have seen, I pay around that amount (or more in some cases, upsold in some) and the service is sub-par for the most part. To answer your question, the LA area isn't a dead market for sisters or mixed race providers. I've seen a couple ebony, latina, asian, and mixed providers and written them reviews. Us mongers a fickle lot. Looks and service are a definite factor on if you show up on a client's radar. Also what is attractive to one person may totally turn someone else off. For example, I'm not a fan of breast implants or a girl with a ton of tatts...so chances are I wouldn't see a provider that had those, but some guys out there like that. You just have to find the right clientele. Unfortunately you as a provider face some stiff competition (non pun intended :P out in LA because at the present time the K-girls and their bookers are winning the popularity contest.

you're a hottie, I luv all the female colors to play with! I'm only prejudiced against the fatties for pay.

I've smpled many flavors but have found that I am most attracted to the look, smell, and taste of a beautiful, and thin/toned korean women.i have also met some vietnamese, chinese, and japanese women who have been wonderful.

There may be some white ladies with similar body styles as well- but have only found one at the same rate as the kgirl market.  I usually see white ladies at 2x the price and more.  But to be honest, I have enjoyed daty more with the asian girls mentioned above.  I should disclose that I have been with korean women who didnt fit my preference and susequently were not a good time for me.

I dont track the scene as a whole.  In LA I filter my ter search to asians because there are so many reviews every day.

I wish you the best of luck with your business. LA and so. Cal are huge population areas with good vibes and laid back attitudes.

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Maybe the fact that most hobbyists are white middle age or older.  I'm not a sociologist/anthropologist,
but it just seems to me hobbyist stay with what they grew up with, EXCEPT for kgirls.  And that's a phenomenon that I'm sure someone can pontificate better than me.

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I appreciate your candor.

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Of course I have them... I'm using an alias silly.  

Just to clarify, this isn't strictly just about me. I am asking this as a serious concern regarding what I have or I should say haven't been seeing on the LA review board for quite some time.  This is not a woe-is-me, I  really am trying to gage what the temperature is in LA for "us".

if you are going to continue to be a provider for a couple of years, it may be time move to a new market, without k-girls.

Or tour.

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I tour and that works out great. Just sayin'...I'd be nice to have steady "work" at home.

Thanks for you input but I LOVE LA for more reasons than this line of work, so moving is not an option.

but i can tell you there are several ladies of color that are on my radar.

i personally am not into the k girl phenom, and i can't understand it at all, except for "i'm so horny and so cheap i can't wait to screw and don't need to actually talk with whom i'm screwing and i don't want to spend a lot of money for the pleasure."

it's beyond me.

there's a couple of ladies here in la and a few in vegas that i would happily enjoy, and i hope to, someday, but time and space within my lifestyle is limited, so it's one girl a month for me, boo hoo.

if you are who i think you are, i will def. see you!

I think that some guys will see a mixed race,black,or latin providers they might not post a review for them.
I am of mixed race including african-american  a couple of situations I have experienced I see a guy we have a great time.He says he will review me the review never gets posted but he continues to post reviews for providers who are of a certain race.I thought maybe we did not have such a good time as I thought but this guy has set up multiple appts with me so I know that is not the case.One time I did ask why that was the case and was told that he has not had time to write reviews.Understandable but he has continued to keep writing reviews for blondes.Puzzling?

So,there is really no way to gauge interest for african-american,mixed,or latin providers based on review history interest if the guys do not review.There could be many guys seeing these type of providers but no one knows.I wonder if some of these guys enjoy us but do not want to put it out there that they saw a provider of those races that I have specified above.
As far as locals go I do not get too many requests from them to see me here in Vegas but I get many from out of town business.Also,one person stated that many hobbyists are white males that is true IMO but many do not stick with their own.IMO,many want to explore and experience a new variety not the same that they are already used to.
If LA is not doing it for you maybe traveling some more?
Good luck to you!
Just my .02

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as stated above, several ladies of color are of interest to me, including the beautiful jaydalee, and  it's only a matter of time and scheduling before i get there! (them!)

I am caucasian and I love black providers.  I just don't see that many post in LA.  I live in Sacramento and have a couple of ladies I see but I would come down to LA, which I do frequently, for a hot, passionate black provider.

I've heard that Mikki Moss is quite the provider. Great reviews and hot, hot, hot.  She's on my radar.

Lots of well-adjusted men find something appealing about a woman who looks a certain way.  And one could quite easily ask well why don't those men like women who look a different way?  Ah but the fickle beast that is human desire rarely if ever lends itself to rational explanations that would respond to your question.  Perhaps we've all been conditioned to accept one form of beauty above all others (reminds me of the billboards I saw in Beijing featuring Western models in beauty product and clothing ads).  Perhaps we've been predisposed to believe that a certain type of woman will be more wild and crazy than another type (porn stereotypes anyone?).  Or perhaps this is one of the mysteries of the human heart and the unknowables of the amygdala.

Of course there is also the possibility that this is also a supply problem.  When I look at the CItyvibe or Eros listings I would guess they're s75%+ caucasian and Asian listings.  So if there are few AA providers it would stand to reason there are few reviews of them.  And if providers like yourself have looked at the numbers and decided to do something else then the number goes down further and the prophecy becomes self-fulfilling.

I wish I had an answer but between the ineffable nature of the human heart and the inscrutable features of this curious hobby I'm afraid enlightenment will be hard to come by.

Although you can see that I have a lot of reviews on kgirls, I actually see a variety of ladies of various ethnicities.  I have a few girls in my rotation that are UTR, who are black, caucasian, hispanic, mixed ethnicities.  I've found a couple of gals that are ex-porn who have retired but now work as providers.  I can't review most of these ladies because they don't advertise, and/or want to remain UTR and can only be reached via introductions.  I personally love the variety that can be found in LA.  I love a hot sista!

But it is a buyer's market.  The $250 rate is very attractive and if one is a kgirl afficionado it's hard to deny the convenience, relative safety, incredible service, and easy booking that the agencies provide.  So it's difficult to compete with that particular client base in LA.  There are also other avenues outside of Cityvibe, another very popular "social networking" site that has a relatively small Asian footprint, and the price point is in the $250 range.  So you may want to consider the competitive rates that are dominant in this market.

So IMHO there is PLENTY of room for providers of all ethnic persuasions, I think the LA TER and CV scene is just a small piece of the pie when it comes to the hobby, and you can't judge by the lack of reviews on TER of African American providers as a true reflection on what the market can bear.  

I don't know how useful my post will be to you, but I wanted to chime in because I hate to see any of my "brown sisters" discouraged. :) Without knowing who you are, what you do, how you market yourself, it is hard to comment, but I will say this first: I don't think that the number of reviews is an indication of whether there is an interest in a particular ethnicity. TER reviewers are a specific subgroup of the market, just like the reviewers of all other sites, but if you are an established provider, I'm sure most of your business does not come from reviews, so I wouldn't worry about it. Yes, most LA reviews are for kgirls, because they are the largest number of providers in LA and they offer the most affordable service readily available to the widest market, so they are bound to have the most reviews. If there were just as many black ladies offering the same service at the same price, they would have just that many reviews. I just ran a search and the numbers are extremely disproportonate. I think you should see that as an advantage! The less black girls there are, the less competition you have! :)

On the other hand, you mentioned that you tour. I'm not sure what cities you visit, but some areas of the US are known to loooove your skin tone. (A simple search on the PO board will reveal the list to you, or PM me if you don’t have access to it.) Also, some of the highest reviewed ladies on this site are black. Look at the worldwide top 10 list. 3 of the 10 best rated ladies are black. If I were you, I would be very inspired by that... As far as the LA area goes, it is such a huge market, there are men for every ethnicity, just like there are women, you just need to find the men who are fans of black girls. They are not going to be the same ones who like the kgirls, they will probably not be the same who like me, they are going to be YOUR guys. Many black ladies before you have found them... You may want to run a search by age, ethnicity and price point and contact those well-reviewed girls who are similar to you. You'll be surprised how helpful most of them are!

In my opinion, the most important step is to figure out whose company you enjoy and how you want your dates to go. Once you have a clear idea of that, you need to tailor your marketing that way. If your personality and your professional persona are in sync, you will attract the right kind of men and will soon have more inquiries than you can fulfill, I guarantee you. :)

For example, I enjoy a particular type of date (one that feels like an actual blind date from Match.com, ending in a super hot bedroom romp, to be repeated in a week or two, and again and again...) with a specific kind of man (one who looks for not only a physical but an intellectual, and yes, I dare say emotional connection and is not afraid to be himself and show me just as good a time as I show him) so I market myself that way (I lay my cards on a table, make it clear that I'm looking for a mutually enjoyable experience and only reply to inquiries that display a certain level of intelligence) and set my rates accordingly (to prevent the "just-because-it's-cheap-I'll-pump-and-dump-for –an-hour" scenario, excuse my language...) This approach works very well for me and I find it hard to even keep up with answering inquiries at this point, let alone meet new friends. (Again, I'm a Latina, and I don't have hundreds of reviews, yet I’m able to do this because I have a clear idea of who I am and who I’m looking for, and have been doing very well since I figured that out... So monetary success is not related to the number of reviews the least bit, and since you said you'd like to make a living here in LA, I'm telling you, you absultely can do that, without getting a large volume of reviews.) I also know of some black ladies who tell me the same and they are in LA.

Also, if you are on the PO board, read my posts on the sugar lifestyle time and again. It's not for everyone, but it keeps some of us very happy and satisfied... More importantly, I know 3 black ladies who are very, very well off financially because of their marketing on those particular sites. If you would like to PM me, I'm happy to recommend some great sites for higher price point networking and meeting new friends who seem to enjoy ladies of different ethnicities and are not particularly budget conscious.

The cardinal rule (IMHO) is to never take an appointment if you are not sure you will enjoy yourself. Do not ever compromise just because you have a slower month or feel that there is too much competition. (I did that in the beginning, took appointments I shouldn't have taken and I definitely have my regrets about those lackluster experiences...) Your goal is to keep both of you happy. That will reflect on your reviews and in turn will draw in more like-minded new friends, who become regular visitors very quickly.

Good luck! :)

So I've always wanted to experiment with a black lady and your post has made me get up and do it. Mostly because of the way you've handled yourself. You're obviously intelligent and I appreciate that.

So PM me if you want to arrange a meet. :-)

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You were probably drunk when you wrote what you did.

How do you that she is not 300 pounds? You don't see those type of providers.
How do you know that she doesn't have poor reviews or a stinky kitty? So why tell her you will see her with no research at all?

I get it! You are going to book her so you can sit and talk for an hour, fully clothed because you appreciate her intelligence. Man, I should have thought that before I posted.

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* Thank you for the very intelligent query. First let me bring your attention to a post by your soul sister, about "Alive and Well in Black Community", but from Las Vegas vantage.
* The LA availability of so-o-o many Seoul sisters does put you at a disadvantage. I have a non-K ATF who is now looking to relocate away, exactly for this reason.
* But the Seoul sisters all concentrate on the West or Mid-Wilshore area. We often heard plea of shortage in the SF Valley. I for one would like to see more providers in the east side, as far as Pomona/Ontario, becuz it takes me often 90 min. fighting traffic on Fwy 10 to go to West side.
* In my younger days I did try all races, but as an older man now I gravitate toward Asians for 4 main reasons (a) small guy needs small girls for anatomical compatibility; (b) abhors tattoos; (c) dislike implant (d) budget limitation.
And we cheapskates have to write reviews to keep VIP membership. (lol)

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Thank you for sharing the link.  I adore Allure.  She is smart woman and what a firecracker!!!

All of these points are very valid and things I never considered.

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The few experiences I've had with AA providers have been terrible.  They've been rip-offs, or had a chip on their shoulder, etc., so I am no longer interested in them.  On the other hand, my experiences with Asians has been outstanding, so I am attracked to them more.  Now I've been conditioned to love the slim Asian body type, and find the typical AA body type unattractive.
It is difficult to compete in LA with the outstanding k-girls.   They do such a great job they keep us coming back for more.  

Btw, it's just like the Korean markets, or dry cleaners, etc.  They provide good service,  so we like them.  AAs think their problems are because of "discrimination",  etc.  But ofen their prblems are brought on by themselves.

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Sux you had those experiences.  I hope maybe someday you will take a chance and let one of us change your mind.

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Maybe someday.  You sound sweet.  If I do, perhaps she and I will have you to thank.

Send me a note.  I will see you tomorrow.

It's a matter of personal preference..hobbyists have preferences on who they see and providers have preferences too (most caucasian/asian providers do not see AA male).

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Your input has been very insightful, enlightening and overall encouraging.

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I would have no issue seeing you or any other hot AA girl, but do you provide the all inclusive service. BBBJ etc., and what is the price range. I will agree witha previous poater that alot of the expericences hobbiest have had are ripoffs or lousy service. I think that is one of the reasons for any problems.

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Your input has been very insightful, enlightening and overall encouraging.

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Well, I first saw the thread directly above, so I posted on there first, but I for one, have been totally going through a phase where I'm completely nuts for AA women. So I have a little first hand experience. But I really look forward to having this subject be more out there.

I've seen at least a few gorgeous women on backpage recently (mostly in the LAX area), and IMHO they've been undercharging and maybe assuming they have no traction in other parts of town. But yes, at least with me, they very much DO.

Hmmm.  Well there's been some very good points/observations brought up here. There's a lot to be said for tastes of men of certain ethnic backgrounds and how one markets themselves to be sure.

I can only speak from my perspective. I know from my upbringing, the girls I've dated/crushed on, media influence (maybe all those episodes The Facts of Life & Star Trek did more to me than I thought), type of porn that rocks my boat, and probably my own race/class (I'm caucasian btw) has all fairly well set my usual 'type' of girl as almost always caucasian or latina women. Usually brunettes, dark eyes, great ass and pleasant to talk to. Slim to curvy builds are fine, petite to average height. It depends on my mood as long as a girl is generally proportionate.  

I've rarely head-turned much on black or asian women. Like all things in life, I can think of a few exceptions of both races in the civvie world I tried to date but they tend to be the exception rather than the rule. And occasionally I get curious but with my limited time/hobbying budget I try and stick to women I know will have a higher chance of lighting my fire. I have only seen 1 kgirl, ages ago- it was a nice experience but it didn't blow me away. Despite all the solid reviews, attractive price point and picture of young slim beautiful bodies, I haven't taken another dip in the kgirl pond because of preference and also because I don't like to feel like 1 of a large wheel of men in-and-out the door in a single day at an agency.  

I think the bottom line is for a lot of guys- (at least for those who don't earn the kind of living where they can easily afford a wealth of variety of providers to try out ) it's not just about getting the rocks off, or the best price point... but ultimately who scratches your particular itch. That is to say, if I'm paying for it, I don't *just* want a little variety from the girls I'm with  - I want a bit of the fantasy.  The girl who reminds me of a hot ex I'll never see again, the college hottie I wished I'd dated, the luscious jailbait girl next door, if only I was younger..., the mall babe I wish I could take home for a night, that beautiful model/actress in my favorite movie/show that gives me constant wood, or the sexy milf I see at the supermarket that makes me slow the cart.  

That's what I really look for when choosing the next playdate. Now sometimes I get this and sometimes it's a disappointment. But thanks to TER at least I end up with a decent experience nine times out of ten.

Anyway just my two cents - I think it comes down to preference and how certain men in some areas were sexualized growing up.

and that's where I started and I had no problem getting clients, even though I was UTR and didn't have an online presence at all.  Fast forward a few years and I'm here in SoCal for grad school and everything has been slooowwww for me.  At first I thought it was because there was no market for me out here.  But now I know a major contributing factor is that I don't have reviews.  But the clients I do get don't write reviews, and even if they decided to write a review for me, they'd be considered a newbie and their reviews would carry less weight.  Talk about a catch 22.  

Interesting observation: 95% of my clients are older, white, men.  Yes, people like to stick with what they know, but I don't think it's the case here, and I don't think it's a question of desirability really.  I do think K-girls are in high demand out here, and that is a huge contributing factor, because it's not an issue back east. Other things like past bad experiences could stop someone from taking the plunge.  We just have to figure a way around these things and present ourselves in a way that there are no doubts.

Don't give up, you're not wasting your time!

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I think it is, in part, a matter of cost.  There are AA providers in the LA/Orange County area, but I find the most desireable to be $400/500+, which is out of my and many's price range.  

I, for one, have lamented on this board in the past about the lack of AA providers. I think that someone in the $300 price range could do quite well.

PM me and perhaps we can connect.

It looks as if I am catching this thread a bit late. However, I thought I would make an attempt to shed some light. LA is not a dead market for AA providers. I think Nora did an excellent job of explaining LA. There are a lot of providers of all "flavors" as well as a large # of Provider purveyors as well:)) Decide your business model and tailor your brand accordingly. I have been in LA for a while;) and have met some truly great gents. There is no single answer in regards to body type, skin tone, taboo or non taboo. Have fun, enjoy yourself, put out a positive vibe and you will get it back in return. Networking with both the gents and ladies here is a great start to navigating the LA Market. Feel free to pm me and if I can I'd be happy to shed some light on LA and the AA provider:))

..sure, there are a lot out there, but there are just as many out there that don't (myself included). I have never did an official "tour" and was seriously contemplating stopping by LA whenever I do, however the local dynamic would definitely need to be taken into consideration. No matter what the ethnicity, the local "standard" in terms of rates has to give pause to the touring provider. Of course, there are some girls that it does not effect, but there are also some that would never admit.

Wishing everyone pleasure and prosperity!

~Adriana Monet

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It's just that themguys who are most active are the ones who have the Asian girl fever.

On your question, hard to stereotype on my end.  If a girl is hot, she's hot.  Simple as that.

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