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LAST CALL for the LA Lunch Social! May 30 @ Noon!regular_smile
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This is it, the final stretch of the RSVP drive!

If you haven't RSVP'd for the lunch, today is your last chance.  I'm already at over 80 guests, nearly 1:1 ratio of ladies to gents.  Send a PM to me to get verified or an email to LALUNCHBOXXX@yahoo.com by 11:59pm.

If you are a confirmed guest and have yet to receive the coveted invitation email, contact me right away.  I will be checking my email and PM box to get you the info ASAP

Here are the lunch ladies, updated today:

Aerial May
Angelina Rossi
Anita Cannibal
Annabella Lee
Ashley Shye
Carmen Foxx
Carmen Lee
Cecilia Smitten
Eden Sin
Ellen (sweethotellen)
Faith Moore
Franchesca Dorian
Freya Fantasia
Ginger Spice
Goddess Jezebel
Goldie Knox
Harlowe Dahl
Heidi (cutecaliblonde)
Jewels Bresson
Kate O'Conner
Katniss Ferrari
Kristina Larson
Little Jeane
Madame Patricia
Morgan Taylor
Nathalie Harper
Primal Nadine
Sarah (gosally)
Serena Rossi
Shiloh Steven
Slater Lynn
Val (VoluptuousBBW)

A few ladies opted for privacy, so you'll have to be there to find out.

the shy guys wont be scared to approach the shy girls

this happened at the last M&G i went to...

i may have some time to swing by tomorrow.  if you see me, PLEASE make sure to say hi and introduce yourself!  


For some reason pretty girls, especially ones flashing  a bit of skin, well, brings me out of my shell!


She will for sure be there...I'm picking her up. However, she needs a ride back to the valley afterward. Any takers?

My Damn work schedule keeps me from coming to these things.   Have a great time, Poet.  Tell Carmen Foxx hi for me!

But I would have been late to a date!!  Maybe next time..Hope all my girlfriends from San Diego had a good time!!  Kalina

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