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Re: Are you sure you want to see Sadie
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This is going to be my first time using A escort and Do not know any trustworthy sites. So if any one knows how to book Sadie West give me the info thanks. For the Los angeles area.

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Yes he was asking for direct contact info for an L A based lady, but just by his question and comments, it is obvious he needed a lot more than that. (as in major newbie help)

isn't really the place to ask how to directly contact a particular provider.  That was his main question and his headline, so I asked admin to move it.   When I reported it to admin, they agreed with me.  To tell the truth, I thought they would move it to the ISO board, not here.


this is the lady you want to see?
I assume you saw her ads, or her websites or her profile here. If so, then all the contact information is there. If you can't figure out how to contact a provider, (a well known highly reviewed one at that) I think you have a lot of other things to learn and will also run into many other issues such as screening and verification.

Please read the self help center at the top of the page under the life preserver. There is a lot of good information there. Read the newbie forum back a few pages. Use 'search' at the top of the page to search for specific topics. Basically, I am suggesting you 'put on the training whells,' and use the TER resources to learn more about the hobby, before you take the plunge. Then use TER research and go to 'search reviews' and type in her name, and pull up her profile with all the contact info as well as her reviews. I could easily provide you a link to her profile, or ad sites, or website, or directly to her contact info, but I think if you can't learn to do that on your own, then you are not ready to see her (or any provider for that matter).

Another suggestion: pay for the VIP, so you can better use the TER resources.

Good luck, and have fun

ps: after you do all that, and read her reviews, (espeically the most recent) you might reconsider, and find someone else to see.

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