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Re: Inflation isn't limited to K-girls. I saw a profile of a provider...
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Maybe she just learned over the years.
Some don't  just go to the major leagues.
Then need a few months or even years
in the minors.

As I venture out to find reviews for new K-Girls I am all too often coming across far too many 9s and this simply leaves no room for differentiation for our top performers.  Please don't get me wrong here, I love most of these girls as much as the next "BingoBongo" and feel that all I have seen deserve good reviews and I think I give them.  But I do leave the 9 in performance for what I think is a true step above.  And let's be honest with ourselves, a 9 for most K-Girls is really a 10 due to TER rules, which I personally don't like but what can I do.

The problem is that we have already created the rating inflation to the point that we think a 7 in performance is not good.  I completely disagree....a 7 after all is still above average and described as a "hot time".  A hot time is good!  So I would simply argue that we use 7 as the starting point for good performance and leave 9s for best performers.

I also want to acknowledge that some guys will simply click better with one provider and that girl may very well be his 9, but on average not a 9.....Fair enough. But there are a number of reviewers when I look at their reviews that have given 9s up and down the board, maybe an 8 here and there but that is as low as they go.

What do all you other k-girl lovers out there think?  I have only given out one 9 myself, but probably gave out too many 8s because 7s seem to low due to rating inflation.

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...who got 6's,7's and 8's in appearance when she started -- 12 years ago.  Today she gets only 9's and 10's -- 12 years later!!!

Maybe she got a nose job, boob job, liposuction, and gives bbbj with lovely eye contact.  And maybe no more showers with reviewers. Showered off makeup providers -1 or -2 points, I haven't asked for a shower bang in 6 years....learned from experience.

Maybe she just learned over the years.
Some don't  just go to the major leagues.
Then need a few months or even years
in the minors.

Send a PM to a couple of the more respected
and reliable hobbyists. I've done that and gotten
more and better information than the reviews.
I've actually changed my mind about seeing several
of the girls after talking with other hobbyists.
Much more reliable than the reviews.

Are you referring to inflation of performance or appearance or both?

I mostly am after performance ratings.  I think the appearance ratings have the same issues too, but we all have so many different tastes it makes it a more difficult discussion.  I also believe that when a guy clicks and service is great that the girl starts to look better too us.  I know I feel this way.

Maybe she's seeing older clients now whose
eyesight isn't so good. LOL!!!

A girl who dfk's, bbbj, and cim should get no less than an 8 in my opinion.  First off, how does one not "click" if she makes you cum and sucks you off in her mouth.  Less than an 8 seems disrepectful considering the risk she undertakes for this activity.

I have seen reviews giving girls who do that at 6 & 7.

for any review I give, I think about how my rating fits with their average.  If my rating brings them down, and I had a good enough time with them I will not post a review.  If it was a sucky time, then yes I will post to warn others.

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