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Posted By: HarloweDahl
No gag reflex. :)

I've gone through the archives and could only find one other thread on this subject, and it was limited to K-girls.

Assuming nothing else is important (looks, race, price, etc), who gives the best DT in LA?

I've been reading reviews for days but still cannot answer this.

Please help! :-)

(providers if you think it's you - please don't be shy and let us know!)

So, I'm really curious.  Were you born without a gag reflex, or did you learn to suppress it?  It seems to me that most girls can't deepthroat, and if it was learnable, many more would.  Am I wrong in thinking it's like being double-jointed?  It's in the genes, something you're born with?

Practice makes perfect!

I have a couple of ex-girlfriends that learned how to do it.  It can be learned.

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People naturally have differing levels of gag reflex. While I haven't tried swallowing a cock (yet), I've learned from ENT visits that I have a "moderate" gag reflex. Unfortunately, my wife has a severe gag reflex :(

That said, gag reflex can be lessened --and in some cases eliminated-- by focus, relaxation and practice. If you do a google search on it, you can even find training plans (popsicles apparently are a good instrument for practicing to relax your throat, if you don't have something better on hand). There are also tricks, like squeezing your left thumb --no one knows why this works, but it does in fact work for a small percentage of people-- or using a numbing spray (although that's dangerous IMO).

As I know from personal experience and watching her films. The girl has mad skills, such a beautiful face and if she can swallow Lexington Steel to root, well, not sure who she couldn't!  Check it out!:

I would like to say that I have a pretty cool talent at it. Zero gag reflex! I have a talent at doing in a very unique angle ;)

Oral fixation and deep throat is my specialty.

Its my absolute favorite thing to do.

Lick Lick

I'm very flattered and honored that you both would suggest me.

You guys are the best!


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