Los Angeles

See the post by 'carlhungus' below. I agree with him. (eom)
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Interested in getting a better idea who in LA are the most preferred Ladies, I have a pretty good idea of what the answer is but still I think it would be good to put this realty to bed. We are greatfull to all providers for what they do.

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would you think it would be a good idea to put this realiity to bed and why are you under the delusion that your question has any possibility of doing that?  There's thousands of guys hobbying.  How many do you think are going to answer?

...with the most reviews?  That's easy.  But "the prettiest" or the "best performance", That's quite subjective.  Even if you base it on total scores, the "most preferred" may be quite attractive to me but you may not like her at all.  Chacon a son gout."

if you ask 10 guys, you'll likely get 10 different answers.

I don't think there's a handful or more of ladies that we ALL prefer.  With all the different and lovely providers in this area and those who see them the preferences are vast and diverse, just like this city.

well it has been awhile since I traveled to LA. My favorite place was the Holiday Inn in Diamond Bar. I sure would love to know that I could get the biz I used to get there. That hotel is great but I would hate to get stuck with a bill and no income!

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