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I am pretty decently endowed, between 7-8 inches at full mast and definitely over 7.5" when really in the moment.  I am wondering if anyone knows of a good Asian provider who can also take me all the way in?  I recently saw a provider who got much closer than any other and it felt great!  So of course my interest is now peaked.

This one asian provider who I will not name or mention at all but her reviews are just about as true as your penis size.

Beemer worrying about the lease payments.....

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Posted By: Beemer310
...Beemer worrying about the lease payments.....
And this is exactly why I knew I should post from an alias.  This is a legitimate question, not some bragging contest (nor am I trying to prove anything).  I really do want to find a good provider who can handle taking all of it.  Thanks in advance for any serious answers.

Yes you are right..it was a legitimate question but I couldnt help it. Sorry mate! Next one's on me!

I'll just give the initials. Most of us should know who
this is. N/C. and I don't mean North Carolina.

I was going to call her last night.  I checked CV for her latest ad, but there wasn't one.  Maybe she went home or took a vacation?

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Thanks for that reference.  I am familiar with who you speak of.  I have never seen her, but knew a lot of reviews mentioned it.  That gives me a little more confirmation for sure.  I will be giving her a try since she has been on my list for a while now.

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Sharon in Santa Monica can DT extremely well!

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Posted By: Honey Hunter
Sharon in Santa Monica can DT extremely well!
Thanks, the only reason I have never bothered trying her is that at least one of her photos is fake, it is Reon Kadena a Japanese softcore model.  If she is similar to her photos I would definitely check her out which seems to be the case based on her profile/reviews.

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New photos of Sharon are up which I've seen up before but name is still associated with reviews of the previous pics. Is this still the same Sharon or a different girl using the same name?

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Yeah, wonder if someone has been following along and realized we knew they were fake, or just wanted to try out different photos for marketing reasons?

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Actually, I tried to get a hold of N/C and the booker was the same booker as I worked with before for another girl, but it seems that N/C may no longer be with her.  The CV ad is still there but she said it wasn't hers, even though the number matches.  Very odd.  If I google N/C's other number I come up with a different girl who doesn't match N/C.  Well if anyone knows how to reach her/her booker then let me know so I can pm you about the information.  Thanks.

I know the pictures are fake, but Sharon is still cute and has skills.

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Thanks, and I really do like your reviews btw.  I follow them pretty regularly, best!

I went to see N/C and I am average size but she couldn't take it all.  She did force it in repeatedly and jam it into the back of her throat which eventually began to hurt and I left sore and even had a hard time finishing because I was in pain.

Talked to N/C's last booker today & booker said that, "N is no more" in answer to my query about her.

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