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forgetting about the business!
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As I was remembering past moments with ATF's and eating bibimbap...I recalled a funny incident that may have happened to others as well.

After having a great session, then the clean up, a little chit chat, then leaving, I get a call saying I forgot the donation. How embarrasing! Of course the booker and provider were good natured about it but very embarrasing nonetheless. This has probably happened to me about 4 times.

Any of you have that session where things are so natural that you leave without paying?


I had a provider (subsequently become my ATF), who after our second visit together,  hopped out of my shower, slid on her jeans and tube top, donned the heels, walked out of the bathroom, gave me a lingering kiss goodbye and went out the front door.  In doing so, she walked right past the donation envelope, clearly marked "donation" in plain view on the bathroom counter.  I knew she had seen it, becase she yelled "thanks" when she went in for the shower.

I only discovered it later, and by the time I called her, she was over half way home (a 1 hour drive in the best of LA traffic).  When I told her, she just started laughing hysterically saying "oh my God I can't believe I did that we were having so much fun blah blah blah".  When she finally stopped laughing, she said in all seriousness "well I know I'll see you again, so I will pick it up next time I see you".  Right then I knew this girl was something special.

The punchline - she retrieved it the following weekend (along with her donation for THAT session), and I have seen her some 50 or 60 times since, including overnights.

A fun, scatter-brained provider, or the worlds most expensive tactic to get repeat business ?

You Decide.

MidtownPro160 reads

I never forget - they often do

I started wearing a watch and bringing extra Gs. On a few ocassions I lost track of time. Felt bad about the extended stay but felt great because it was so natural.

My Favs never rush, nor do they ask for extra. I just hope they understand... It's their darn fault for being so damn good!!!

I'll apologize & offer a tip. They'll say nothing is needed. We cordially part ways. Then they come chasing and yelling because I slipped in a tip. Ladies- can't live with or without them!

Nice to know I'm not the only nob who has gotten so caught up in the fantasy.  It's happened to me twice.  Once with my ultimate AFT (who was soooo sweet about reminding me) and then again just last Thursday (again, she was very sweet & giggled about it, saying that she had such a great time too that she almost forgot).  Fortunately I've never walked away & had the booker call me.  I was embarrassed enough forgetting to leave my donation with my date.
I have got to remember to take care of business 1st!!!

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