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What about Sarah Jessie? She's a PSE and not as much per hour EOM
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Anyone have a problem with "Chloe Young on behalf of'  tried to book with her and she said my references were "high milage low cost"....I have have seen the 10 out of 10..providers who give more then they get...Its sad when you  get to know the real quality girls of LA and get turned down because they are "high milage, low cost"....give me a break..Nicole and Natalie...high milage and low cost..I would go to them before I ever book with her..

I would expect a classier experience from a 2k an hour provider.
Natalie and Nicole are nothing like the assumptions of that booker.

This is a perfect example of how paying more does not mean a better experience.  
You said it best, go back and see Natalie and Nicole.

The typical "porn stars" would like to believe that "they're better than this" (because remember they get paid to have sex ON CAMERA).  That being said, if it's a PS experience you're after, Nikki Loren can be found in LA for significantly less than you paid for the last two girls you reviewed.  

Expect some drama getting to her front door and having her answer (read her reviews), but you will have an OK to good time with her.

Overall, the PS experience will be less than you're used to with well-reviewed providers, but sometimes the celebrity factor (eg bragging rights to "guess who I fucked") makes it worth it.

What for you is "the 10 out of 10" for other is "high mileage low cost."

The hobby universe is governed by the law of relativity...do not take personally, neither consider
it offensive...

That said, I'm not surprised, I've never really understood the hooray about Brianna.  She's cute but there are girls out there who are better looking and I guarantee would rock your world for less than a quarter of that!

which is reflected in their rates...

Sarah Jessie has less that 40 titles on her resume, Briana Banks close to 300. Sarah has not been featured in any top glamour magazine, Briana has countless covers. Briana featured in some of most top selling porn flicks of all times, Sarah not even close. Briana was a contract girl for the top porn companies, Sarah none. Briana has been the 'brand name' for porn after Jenna Jameson left, Sarah does not have any of such.

Briana Banks is the top porn star of the last 2 decades without any doubt, and her rate reflect that. This does not take anything out of Sarah which is a gorgeous babe and a great person.

But when comparing porn stars, please use different metric that simple 'price' or 'rate.'

Those who are compare porn stars based on the price or rate metric and then based on such difference conclude that one should see the less expensive rather than the more expensive are like the French poet Charles Baudelaire who famously described the stones of the 1848 barricaded during the turmoil as being 'magical.' As a critic commented "It can be said that those stones were magical because the lyrics of Baudelaire do not know the hands that put them in motion."


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