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Back, Sack, and Crack, people! (eom)
Slanteater 190 reads


My eyes aren't what they used to be and every once in awhile I need to trim my hair a bit (down below) but it's getting a bit more difficult and I've nicked myself more than I care to (owwww!). Any providers offer assistance in this regard? In addition to regular services included preferably. Thanks!

MsSerene360 reads

I enjoy giving a close intimate shaving. It's part of my play.


I'm a licensed esthetician and manskaper.

I provide this as an additional service or upgrade.

Call me 310-428-4221


hi mimi do you do waxing, i get waxed every 4 weeks, the back of the neck, back butt inside and out, and the front neck down to the cock and balls, no legs, no arms, please advise if you offer this and the cost.

Yes I offer waxing... I think what you want in is a brozillian or manzillian.

I do my friend's brazilian  all the time,  so I'm getting quite good at it.

Inquire within for cost.


I would love to volunteer in any way you'd let me.

Please feel free to view my profile/reviews.

Lick Lick,


G2267 reads

If women enjoy shaving a guy as much as I enjoyed shaving my GF, you'll have some fun.  I was so turned from shaving her pussy I could barely concentrate and she kept yelling at me that I wasn't doing it close enough, but I didn't want to hurt her.

Unfortunately, her wrist hurt so much she never wanted to fuck afterwards!  That's pretty much the story of my life.

Wow this is awkward. You got me Froomie, The sleuth of the discussion boards calling me out for looking for a woman to do a little clean-up for me during the course of a session. How embarrassing! I suppose you'd rather have Marcel or Pierre down at the gym do your manscaping for you Mr. Froomie?

You should be doing work for the CIA with your investigative acumen, you have definitely missed your calling!


Wow, I don't know why you reacted this way.  I was saying it in good fun.  Guess I caught you on a bad day.  Whatever.  I guess lately with all the negativity on these boards, no one remembers what a little "ribbing" is like.  

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