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J-E-S-T JEST JEST JEST!!teeth_smile
sailor66 14 Reviews 1590 reads

I'm sitting here listening to Sexy Rexy hold a press conference on SportsCenter and I'm mildly shocked. First, there isn't as much of him as I'm accustomed to seeing. Seems that he had lapband surgery 2 years ago and lost 90 pounds. Good for him, seriously! Also gone was a lot of the bluster that came from Rex in his 1st 2 seasons. I guess missing the playoffs last year and watching the hated Giants hoist the Super Bowl trophy has put a little humility into the big lug.

JLWest440 reads

I have to hear about the Jet. The Jets! Good ole Rex. He has a lot to be humble about. I bet that Super Bowl win by the Giants was a kick in the butt for him. I gotta say I had the wrong team on that one.

The talk is all about how many wins he has to have this year to keep his job. Really you can ask the same question about any coach in the NFL.

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