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LETS GO RANGERS ! i'm going on record
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and betting that after watching him for almost 10 years, Kovalchuk will prove to be the only weakness of either of these two teams in this series. if i'm wrong, when it's over i will eat crow and take all the bashing any Devils' fan wishes to pass out.  


Dear Admin, the pic is for fun, it's UTR and i used an alias so it wasn't an ad post against the rules :)

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Very nice photo.

Here's an excellent video that every Rangers' fan should see.

It should serve as inspiration and we settle in for what could be a long series with the Devils.


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Kolvalchuk already started is typical BS last night. I too watched it live 20 to 25 times a year live for many years and he had that look on his face last night mid-way through the 2nd. Marty and Parise playing their hearts out may not be enough against these Rangers if Kolvy's bad attitude shows itself yet again.

The Devils aren't going to roll over and die. This will be a tough series. There is too much hatred between these 2 teams. I could be wrong. I hope I am. As long as the Rangers win I don't care if it goes 4 games or 7 games.


Lundqvist was spectacular in goal tonight, especially on those three short handed shots by Parrise...

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