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So where does Canelo Stand?
ClassicCarFan 5 Reviews 1629 reads

I thought he put on a more impressive performance than either Mayweather or Pacquiao. Granted, he caught Mosley at an older age, but it does speak to his ability to be on the main stage. Who should he have next?

In addition, where is he on the p4p rankings? Top 25? Top 15?

I hope he and Pac meet one day. I think I might be anticipating it more than Floyd vs. Manny. Maybe because I am of Ginger hertiage as well. :P

St. Croix415 reads

or Miguel Cotto, or even Timothy Bradley, before anyone would consider him a worthy opponent of Mayweather or Pacquiao. Of course by the time he is ready for Mayweather or Pacquiao, they already fought for $100M each and called it a career.

I saw the fight, and Shane Mosley was pathetic. Personally, I like Juan Manuel Marquez. He could easily have won any of those 3 fights against Pacquiao. Floyd easily beat Marquez, so logic says take Mayweather over Pacquiao.

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the Pacman-I further maintain that this fight WILL eventually take place-Its a 100 mill gate and they're not gonna leave it on the table IMHO-Floyd, while hardly a model citizen, is one fabulous boxing talent and is the natually bigger man-Manny started as a 98 pounder and is probably naturally 10lb lighter than Mayweather at least-Mayweather has 5 inches of reach on Manny as well-Marquez exposed Manny some in the last scrap and the bigger great fighter usually whips the smaller great fighter-eg. Pryor whipping Arguello and Frazier whipping Bob Foster-I'll be putting my bucks on Mayweather-

I like Alvarez and believe he is too big for Marquez-who did stop drinking his own pee thank goodness-smile and too good for Marquerito-who took a good thrashing from Cotto-

Always enjoy your posts...even those vilely besmirching my beloved Devils or the ACC-have a good week    1rob.....out   8-)

St. Croix418 reads

and in all good fun. Plus we both try and get under each others skin. You ought read some of our crap on the P&R Board. Nevertheless, I only have the utmost respect for Duke, both academically and athletically.

Boxing was in its heyday back in the 70s and 80s, especially middleweight on down. Hagler, Hearns, Leonard, Duran (except the no mas crap), and definitely remember as a kid watching Arguello beat Ruben Olivares.

I don't know if you have a bucket list or not, but if you do, going to a championship fight in Las Vegas is right up there. I went to a Cotto/Mayorga fight in March of last year at MGM. Not the cache of a Mayweather or a Manny fight, but still an electric environment. I can't even image how much they would charge for seats to Mayweather/Pacman.

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go to Vegas once a year-and have seen some championship scraps-they are 'happenings' as you noted-Funny you should mention Ruben Olivares-I was a huge fan of his-he made the Hall of Fame in 1991-He was undefeated his first 50 something fights in a row and had almost a 100% knockout ratio-Ruben took to the night life and his training suffered because of this and he lost quite of his latter fights due to lack of preparation and having to make weight. He was a great one-
I'll be watching Manny-Mayweather on PPV and believe it will be a 100 buck payout-attending in person might require a 2nd mortgage-smile-As you know, Floyd goes to jail next month and I'd expect negotiations to get going while he's incarcerated-we'll see  later, Buddy

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