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UCLA better hope that Howland doesn't screw things up again.
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If he has another Sports Illustrated article written about him, he may be looking for a job.

What's going on 1 Rob? Duke is not getting the elite players any more.

       UCLA now has a monster recruiting glass - the the two top small forwards and a five star guard to add to their Carolina rejects and buffet loving center. They are instantly a Final Four team.

     Meanwhile, Duke's got nothing but Plumlees and guys who can't play defense next year.

     On a completely independent note, I think I've been too rough on my buddy St. Croix. So being a gentleman, I am officially calling a truce on any Pac 10/ UCLA barbs for next year and I'm sure I can count on him to respond in kind about Duke.

preemptive strike-grin    As long as there are Plumlees, there will be no championships for Duke. It is my theory that the Plumlee family must have video of Coach K with a farm animal, or why else would he continue recruiting those clowns.
Rivers is gone and it may be a long year for the Devils next season.
A cretinous alumni of the hot bed of lower learning, UNC, has just penned a blasphemous and heretical piece of 'journalism' called 'Duke Sucks.' There were some yuks amongst the whining and vile besmirching of the saintly Coach K, the officiating, NCAA seeding, the great Christian Laettner, the allegation that Duke causes cancer, the school architecture, etc. A must read for every -UGH-Tar Heel fan---
Oh, well, we could be Arkansas-changing the subject-.HOw about Petrino?
I understand for real that Arkansas students are riding motorcycles on campus with blow up dolls in the passenger seat.  They say Jessica Dorrell won't book a 1st class airline ticket because she's had too much fun 'riding coach.' And there are signs on campus saying, 'What's wrong with scoring in the offseason?'  Pundits have noted that poor Jessica was hired to work under Petrino and she caused the wreck by fiddling with the stick shift.   Ba da bump!
Oh well, have a great week   1rob.....out   8-)

If he has another Sports Illustrated article written about him, he may be looking for a job.

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Do you know what I've been the past 4 years in UCLA basketball, and I how don't how many years in UCLA football? A PINATA mari! I am getting a little tired of UCLA winning NCAA titles in women's volleyball, golf, softball, water polo, and whatever. Now I don't want to hear about the merits of Title IX mari, what I need is a frigging decent football team, and a Final Four basketball team. Is that too much to ask for?

Mari, I'll even take you to a UCLA game at the new Pauley Pavilion. I'll even buy you a beer, excuse me, for you a chardonnay. But waive my rights to trash talk you during the 2012/13 season......NEVER!

The following link is for you mari. It's the only thing that has kept me a vocal Bruin alum supporter for all these dismal years.

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next year, just remember I gave you a chance to get out before it's too late.

   And I'll top your UCLA fight song with two words that I know you have been hearing all your life on the basketballl court - "air ball."

Now guess where that chant originated.

12-10 fiasco at Reynolds Coliseum-Duke has 1 Blue Chip recruit in 6'4'' shooting guard, Rashad Solaiman, who is slated to take Rivers spot-In other news, MASON PLUMLEE is NOT, repeat NOT, declaring for the NBA draft and is returning to Duke for another year of abject mediocrity and bad free throw shooting-1rob...bracing for the chirping from the left    8-)

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Big Blue for the 4th year in a row! (and without Shabazz)

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