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Couldn't happen to a nicer guy...eom
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Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino has been placed on paid administrative after failing to disclose the involvement of a female university employee in his motorcycle accident earlier this week. The 25-year former Arkansas volleyball player was hired by Petrino last month as "student-athlete development coordinator." Petrino finally fessed up about the fact that she was riding with him just minutes before the police report, which included her presence at the scene, was about to be made public. He said he withheld her name ir order to"....protect my family and a previous inappropriate relationship from becoming public." Looks like that ship has sailed. Don't think he'll be back on the sidelines for Arkansas again.

didnt he quit on the falcons? I hope he gets fired

He most certainly did, and I'm sure he will be unemployed sooner rather than later. What a maroon!

Yes, he quit on the Falcons after 13 games, and also quit on Louisville before he came to Atlanta.

It would have been a lot cheaper. He stands to lose a $3.5M annual salary. Hope she was worth it.

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