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All 8 spots taken in NHL's East & West
pajada 77 Reviews 1589 reads

Only thing left is final seedings. Those will be made after all 30 teams play Saturday. What a great day that will be for hockey fans.
As a Rangers fan I would like to see them play Washington in the first round. Let's hope Stepan isn't hurt too badly after the check he took from Orpik last night

All The Rangers have to do is beat the Caps Saturday, or have Vancouver lose to win the President's trophy having the tie breaker with more wins than Canuks. Granted it's no the Stanley Cup, but will be the exclamation point on a very consistent season.

Torts on Stepan: "we just gave him the day off and (trainer Jim Ramsay) is working with him".

Rangers stack up well against the Caps and have a great edge when it comes to goal tending.

Got Stanley Cup Fever. Let's Go Rangers!

I too am a Rangers fan and I don't know how thrilled I am that Ovechkin is on fire right now and he just got Backstom, his center, back. After watching last nights game, I'll be happy to play anyone but the Pens!

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