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and got my ass kicked by Amy Ruman, who has won a Trans Am race.  Of course, she does have about as much testosterone as the average guy.

The GREATEST RACE ever will be in sunny Daytona Beach on Sunday. I was there in 2004 when Dale Earnhardt Jr. won it and if I died that night it would have been a complete life (j/k lol).

So I'm making my way up there and I'm wondering, who would you like to see take the checkered flag?


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I always root for the sexy ladies.

Danica took a hard hit to the wall in the Gatorade Duels yesterday. Thank GOD for the safer barrier walls she hit, otherwise the outcome probably would have been different.

YEAH , she did take a HUGE hit against that wall. Glad for safer barriers and for her being OK . Loved the way she KNEW to let go of that steering wheel - experience in wrecks maybe - Ha , Ha :)

I raced for many years in SCCA . I also climbed the ranks and became an instructor which included quite a few women .

Here is what I learned about women race car drivers in general . They simply lack the " take no prisoner testosterone " attitude it takes in competitive sports . Not their fault , as that is the way they were designed .

A man will do some pretty aggressive ( stupid , yes ) stuff to win . He thinks differently and will do WHATEVER it takes to win . He thinks he can tuck under that car and pass when in reality his chances were 20% at best . In the hobby we tend to think with the little head and it wins A LOT - be honest guys :) Stupid yes , but an analogy of our " thinking and design ". Men simply want to WIN whatever it takes , whatever it cost's , WIN takes over much like the little head disease . WIN , thats all I know .You will see it in ANY competitive sports - Yes I said any and all . Common denominator - testosterone !

Women simply lack the drive in this area that is critical in the big leagues of competition . The DESIRE is there but when they see that " opening " , in that turn , to overtake , they picture the wall and back off . Men only see thier car kicking up some dirt, making the pass and winning . " What wall , I had it easily , your crazy " .

I had many times on track with a woman student and thru the headset I am telling her to GO , Tuck under , STEP ON IT and pass to the right !!!...........10% chance they would actually get aggressive , throw caution to the wind and do it !

Just testosterone , and women are at a HUGE disadvantage to be successful in todays competitive sports arena . My .02 cents worth ............

It just came across that she won the pole position for the race.

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and got my ass kicked by Amy Ruman, who has won a Trans Am race.  Of course, she does have about as much testosterone as the average guy.

I wish #3 was still alive. He wouldn't have played this game.

After last year, I won't say Danica doesn't have a chance.  I just want her to beat Kyle!!

Cole Whitt, bumped her rear and sent her into the wall. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come for her over the course of the season.

All rookies are treated that way in the beginning, until they fight back and stand their ground. This too shall pass.

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