Why would you suggest that he not name her? Stop being a White Knight!confused_smile
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It's guys like you who submit to deceptive providers and accept it that ruin it for the rest of us. She got what she deserved....Nothing.
Then she has the nerve to give him a bad rec on date check? That's fucked up.
Why don't you be the gentleman and make an appointment with her and pay her double to make up for it. That would really shine your armor.

Not so sensual Kathi,

I scheduled a meeting with sensual Kathi,  Kathleen Holiday.  All went well untill the door opened.  Greeting me was Kathi who is a lot larger than what appears in her photos.  She greeted me with a kiss and her breath was atrocious.  Within the first 5 minutes, I decided that I work too hard for my money to just give it away.  I was apologetic and left.  Needless to say I got a bad recommendation from Date Check. I took my option to walk.  Should I have left money?  She wasted my time too.  Just be aware.  Why give them money when they misrepresent themselves.

As you may have noticed, not all providers will accurately portray themselves in their photos. Some things to note, always add 15 pounds to what their photos represent, and add 5 years to their age.

I've read her reviews, and they were good. It is somewhat unprofessional on both parts. For her, her photos was not accurate. For you, you've been mislead by her photos, but left. As a hobbyist, and having many other relationships in the past. Women will typically lie about their age and their weight, and providers are not exempt from this.

I can relate to you because I have also had similar instances with providers in the past. Now, its no surprise because I will always consider them 15 pounds heavier and 5 years over. Ever since then, I have always kept my appointments because my expectations of them are what I envisioned.

In the future, you should avoid stating a provider's name if you are going to disparage her. A simple explanation of the incident would have been appropriate IMO.

Some things to consider: add 15 pounds and 5 years to the pictures because not all providers will represent themselves accurate. I personally would have left her a tip because both parties agreed upon an appointment, despite her inaccurate photos. She has other appointments, and she had lost money. I personally would give her $50 and leave if she was way off the pictures. Guess I am too nice, but its what a gentleman would do.

It was a lot more than 15 pounds.  I have been in similar situations and have only found it necessary to leave in two instances.  I don't think such egregious misrepresentation deserves any $.  I appreciate your input.

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It's guys like you who submit to deceptive providers and accept it that ruin it for the rest of us. She got what she deserved....Nothing.
Then she has the nerve to give him a bad rec on date check? That's fucked up.
Why don't you be the gentleman and make an appointment with her and pay her double to make up for it. That would really shine your armor.

You did the right thing. Walking was what you should have done. I think your only mistake was staying as long as you did.

Datecheck should also have an area for us to dispute what a provider states. I would definitely write the moderator and tell them about the providers intentional attempt to deceive Hobbiests. After all Datecheck is there for both the Providers and Hobbiests safety and security.

I've been going back and forth about booking with her and this posting has made up my mind for me. Thanks!

to lose or gain by putting in my two cents- I have met Kathy on 2 occasions at Meet and Greets, and she does indeed look like her photos, so if there is some BS going on here, it's not on her part. If a gentleman makes an appointment with an escort and then for some reason does not like the way she looks  (not because she misrepresented herself in her photos) and decides to leave, he is shorting her her donation for the time she thought she had booked, when she could have booked with another gentleman. Not everyone is everyone's cup of tea and sometimes the chemistry isn't there, but that's no excuse for walking out and not offering some kind of compensation. I have had gentlemen walk out on me because they were expecting someone in their 20's, when my ad clearly says I am mature and in my late 40's. If he didn't want any negative things said about him, he should have kept his appointment and then just not call her again for future appointments.

I would agree if the lady in question looks like her photos and is just not his taste he should clearly have compensated her. Right now there are only two people that know 100% truth on the subject and that is the provider and the Hobbiest. By bad mouthing him on Datecheck she has basically "blacklisted" him. I don't believe this is fair to him. At least not when her advertising is in question. I believe datecheck should remove her comments.

I've gone to see a provider and the photos were old and the provider had put on weight, about 20 pounds. I brought this up at the time and asked if because of the older photos the rates could be less. I explained that I wouldn't have booked otherwise. The answer was "NO"! I was then told I could leave but it would reflect on datecheck. So it went ahead and stayed. She gave a very lack luster performance and I ended up just leaving. I wrote a review here on TER. A comment on her weight gain and quality of service. CA few days later I get a phone call and another threat. Change my review or I post negative comments on datecheck.

Bottom-line, providers have the Hobbiests by the balls, size, shape, age doesn't matter. When you make an appointment be prepared to open your wallet.  Best suggestion. Do your research, know who you are going to see. Make sure the provider is well reviewed and always know that in the end you might just get screwed!

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We heard about your behavior way before this untrue post. She beat you to the punch. You threatened her and are now trying to ruin her reputation. Sad.

profile had great reviews. As for her performance, she has many 8, 9, and 10's. But, for her appearance, its 6, and mainly 7's. One would conclude that physically she is average, and that would have been an indicator that she is not a model material. What you could have done was to PM the reviewers for feedback before booking the appointment.

Your comment about her halitosis breath was weird too. I've actually did some research, and AnswerToAFool is telling the truth. Its a bit alarming that you actually sunk this low. Shame on you!

As you may know, there are always two sides to a story. Don't take sides to the first story that is presented in front of you. Do your research first before making a conclusion. His post was a bit off putting for my taste, and it was weird in manner.

Anyways, you labeling me as a whiteknight. LMAO, thanks, I needed that one. It appears that you are the whiteknight in this thread for taking sides to a selfish and slander post, and hiding behind an alias. Now, go fart on yourself and leave me the hell alone!

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Unless you were hiding in the closet, you didn't see shit.

Go ahead and book her and pay double, or are you bucking for a white knight discount?  

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