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We Wish You Both Well (eom)
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his health won't permit him to hobby anymore and i'm 1 happy wife.
if you'd like to share your wishes with him send him a pm. if you'd
like to speak with him put your number in your pm and he will get
with you when he's able. i'm planning to sell off in kentucky so we can
move back to the DC suburbs where there's better medical care for him.
he's fighting me over this. he will be able to come home this weekend
and then we will be making plans to go overseas. the_nurse has found
the miracle we were looking for. i greatly apperciate you guys letting
us play with you. i love you all, or as many as i could haha.

special goodbyes to my friend in Tampa and Houston. Alabama as well

one last note from OSP-------FUCK YOU LIORR!

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