exactly!!! LOL
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Baltimore cops may be dumb, but they're not that dumb. The Block is a Charm City institution. They know what happens there.

But, as most of us know, the strip clubs in Downtown Baltimore is a bit dingy and destitute, and the environment is penniless. You guys know what street I am talking about, its next to the hustler's stripclub. Anyways, I got a couple of friends that has been telling me that they have been getting laid their. I have no first hand accounts however. But, one friend after another, after another has been telling me that they get laid in those clubs, and its all over those different clubs.

I've been to them, but it was just for tease and fun. The stripclubs in Baltimore is nothing like it is in DC. Anyhow, apparently it is very easy to get laid there too, and the bouncers, owners, and the strippers there acknowledge it.

Here's the inside scope though. You have to pay for a bottle, and the bottle is roughly around $150, then you go to a room. Then, if you want full service, you tip the stripper $150 or whatever, then she takes you to a dingy room, typically its a janitors closet in the back, and you get to have CBJ and cover full service with them. Also, another thing to note, you might want to frequent the same stripclubs a couple of times to familiarize yourself with the providers and owners of the clubs.

Its true, I actually went with my friend a couple of days ago, and he took her in the back, and it was very evident that he just got laid. Kinda got me thinking a bit. And, its roughly $250-$300 for a full serviced session. And, most of the stripclubs in Baltimore is like that, especially that specific street.

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I've been there done that years ago it was a treat from a client. Yes in a closet, or basement locker/dressing room. It's over as fast as they can. And sorry, but most of they are not that good looking.

So why would you or anyone pay that when you can get an appointment in a warm clean apartment (with bed) and have a full hour of fun, with someone better looking too.

I am not emphasizing them to settle. But, point taken though. As to the reason for my OP, is, I just wanted to be informative. Hell, I have lived in Maryland all of my life, and I have just found out about this. I new about the "champagne room", but I always thought that it was Hollywood. I didn't think that it really existed, especially in my backyard. But, its good to know though.

Maybe its not suitable for you, but some may like it, and find it suitable and informative for them. For example, now they they know this fact, and if they were ever at one of those stripclubs, and they were in the mood, they can get a quickie or whatever. As for me, I like to take my time and spend a full hour with providers. But, everyone has got their kinks. As the old saying goes, what ever floats your boats.

I just wanted to be informative about this, that's all. But, I do get your point though, and I also agree with our sexual preferences as to booking a provider, instead of getting it in the strip clubs. But, who knows, maybe I may be in the mood one day if I was ever there, and why not. Hell, let me get my nastiness out the way in a dark and dingy closet

If you go a few times and become friendly with a dancer or two you can make arrangements which usually includes some shopping at the mall and dinner.  End result is better then the quicke in closet and the lady spends the night. And BBBJ not CBJ is the standard.

Remember back in the good old days when "double trouble" was dancing there and at the Grill. Shopping, dinner and oh what a night. Or if it a had a craving for a petite latina Ana was worth the attitude.

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You should just give me a call and have a wonderful time in a well relaxed atmosphere!!

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Avoid sharing any specific or sensitive information in a public forum but feel free to do so through PM or email. We do not want to endanger any clubs or dancers.

Don't expect that service anywhere else.

I did it once.  Did not have to buy a bottle.  Or, I should say that I was not given a bottle.  The girl asked for $150 and said I had to pay the bartender $100.

I would never have done it had I known about the GFE hobby then.  It was not worth it.  That is the only time I've had a girl ask that cliche question "are you gonna come for me, baby?" That was after I'd been inside of her for only a minute or two in very uncomfortable mish.

Definitely only worth it for the experience of having done so, and it's not a fun story to recount.

I've done it several times. For sixty dollars and a tip you can get a private dance, where you get a bbbj. For forty I've gotten a hj. FS is as you said, although when I was doing this bbbj was the norm. The big draw for me was the power to chose the girl face to face. Would be nice if there were brothels to recreate this experience.

For 250-300 i'd prefer to see a beautiful clean escort in a 3star or better hotel room;) imho

That's been going on there for decades.  It was also my introduction to the "hobby" back in the mid-80's.  Pretty much as the original post said, although a decent amount of "YMMV".  I will admit there was the "excitement factor" as well.

But since I found the various on-line resources a number of years ago, it seems that for about the same cost of going downtown (when you add up drinks, bottle, stripper tip) I could see a lady from the boards, and have a generally better, and more consistent, experience.

I think it's great that you guys are sharing this information!  But it belongs on the reviewers only board.  Seriously!  I think LE will be watching the clubs a whole lot more closely now.  Sorry.  Sad but true.

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neither is taking the dancers home, lol. Don't worry about LE. They spend more time in those places then we do.  

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