I WANNA DO Winter but dont like the location eoFUCKmsad_smile
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Look at the post below of Winter, her TER ID # is listed in my OP thread. These girls are definitely real. The phone number listed in Winter is from an agency, and they work from a warehouse in a not so affluent part of Baltimore. However, inside, it is neat, nice, and accommodating.

Winter saw my post, and she PM me through TER. We exchanged several PM's, then she e-mailed me on my other non TER account. She informed me of these girls, and that she will soon advertise these girls tonight. Winter is their manager, and they offer incall in another warehouse in Baltimore, again, its a not affluent area, but it is neat, nice, and accommodating inside.

I am planning to seeing these girls tonight, and will update this thread. Hopefully, if they are good, I'll post a mini on them. Also, I was gonna post a new thread to update my previous thread about Winter, but, you beat me to the chase.

I know it's only a phone no. and that blonde chick is their manager?

Now, are you talking about Winter's phone number listed in her TER profile. If so, it was stated in my previous thread above this. Winter's original phone number listed in her TER profile was from an agency that works in a wearhouse in Baltimore, a sketchy place. I wouldn't recommend parking a nice vehicle near that place.

However, Winter has quit that agency. Now, she is managing the two providers listed in the OP's thread. That specific number is Winter's new number, and both of the providers listed in the OP uses that same new number. I hope I was able to answer your question. If not, then feel free to clarify. Thanks!

girls. First, let me state that Winter is their manager. I will be a bit more specific on the two girls in my mini above. They provided an incall in a hotel in downtown Baltimore, it is conveniently located across the stadium. Parking is abundant, depending on the time. The phone numbers on both ads are identical, because Winter makes their appointments. More details in the mini above.

I am not sure if they will post tonight (1-6-2012), but they might. If you want to know if they are working, please PM me, and I'll talk to Winter. Also, Winter and I have been PM each other, and have been communicating from our other non-TER e-mails. If you want her TER handle to PM her, then feel free to let me know. However, Winter is not working.

Winter, if you see this thread, and want to reply to this thread, then feel free to reply so other hobbyist can know your handle.

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