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And that's why you fuckin' play the game ! (eom)
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Hakeeeeem!!!!  Payback for one really bad officiating call that led to a Packer TD.  A long way to go, though.  Too many mistakes by the Pack so far in this game.

Please have FatherFollowMe come to give me the sacraments.
Dominus Vobiscum

far from the biggest upset.  I don't know about point spreads, and will leave that to gambler and OSP, but I'd say the Jets winning SB III and the Giants' win over the Pats four years ago outrank it.

I've ever seen.  How do you decide the fumble in the first half didn't happen?  And what about the penalty for roughing against the Jints that simply did not happen?  What half-assed crew did the NFL put out there today?  Damn good thing the Jints were ready for the second on-side kick.

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I don't think anyone thought the Giants could win this game, but you know what?


   That's why they play the Game!!!!!

They overcame a lot of adversity.  But this is a team with no quit in it.  Props to all the Jints fans who went to Green Bay and cheered them on.  It was great to see all the blue jerseys in the stands at the end giving high-fives to the players.  No matter what else happens, this was a season to remember.  They were so awful for a while but came back like the champs they are.

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The defence was awsome and Eli had a great game. He played better than Falcco. I think you need a defence to play winning football at this time of the year.

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I'm looking for a rematch with the ravens on Feb. 5.

Thank you

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I will admit the Giants had better coaching, a better QB and defence. They out played the Pack for 4 streight quarter.

Other than that it was pretty close.

Pretty close to a romp.

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many of us were confident and thought the GIANTS would win

XLVI = 4

cashorcredit624 reads

After reading your comment below you did pick the Giants. Great call, I never in a million years would have picked them over the pack

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