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Hi boys! This is my first post here on TER, and I'm pretty excited to be a part of the community! My name is Bianca Bryan, and I'm a young, sexy, and tons of fun :) With my thin frame, bright blue eyes, and long dark hair, you will not be disappointed.

I'm available for outcalls in North and Central NJ (select incall with notice). The fastest way to contact me is to visit my site, take a look around at my pictures and FAQs, and head on over my contact page to fill out my form. I absolutely look forward to every  appointment, but I do prefer a minimum of two hours in order for us to completely relax, unwind, and experience our own intimate fantasy.

Can't wait to meet you!

xx Bianca

I went on your site and it's quite nice.  I also read what you say about reviews but see no link to any.  Can you provide a link to reviews?  I do understand you are not comfortable with them and that's your right.  However, TER is primarily a review site where most of us believe reviews are a very important way for us to be sure we are going to get what's been advertised.  A lot of us will simply not see an unreviewed girl and risk TOFTT.  Best of luck in your new venture and I hope to see some reviews soon.

Thank you! As I'm just starting out, I currently don't have any reviews yet, since the gentlemen I've seen haven't been on the boards. I am open to non-explicit reviews, I just haven't seen someone that was active on any board yet :) I do understand about wanting to read some before anyone sees someone. I guess it's like credit- they want you to have good credit (which I worked hard to get!) but don't want to give it to you, to prove yourself! :)

I have no idea how to write a non-explicit review! lol! Read some of mine and you'll see! Good luck anyway!

Well, unfortunately since you can only be a VIP member if you have reviews, I can't actually read yours haha! But i'll take your word :) No problem!

LOL! I am trying to write one right now for someone that asked that I don't give explicit details and it's the hardest thing to do! There's only so much ambiance I can talk about. I guess I could just say "I approve/ not approve" and ask everyone to PM me for more details!

"All the GFE acronyms were offered and accepted with gusto!"

Exactly- all you have to say is that you had fun and would repeat/not repeat :) I like the PM for details part too, that way the info is available, but, not public. I think most providers like myself have a professional life as well, and need to make sure juicy details don't get out "in the real world"

A couple of thoughts on what you wrote above.  First of all, without some details TER will not approve the review, because it doesn't give readers the info they seek.  Second, if the fact that you're a provider gets out into "the real world," it really won't matter whether or not there are "juicy details," too.  So I think what you are hoping for just isn't possible.  Sorry.

I do know that without certain details, the review won't post, and that's fine. I know at least a good number  of providers who I'm friendly with request non-gory detail reviews, though, so apparently from the business that I've seen them do- it is possible :) it's just a bit harder, but I was never afraid of a challenge!

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It's IMPOSSIBLE to not be able to have reviews without being explicit.  This is a risk we all take, but without valid, credible reviews without ANY information, It's like you want to be here on TER but not really.  I understand the need for discretion, but honey, face it, you might as well be a UTR without a a website and passed on by word of mouth.  Mainstreaming+REVIEWS=BUSINESS.  


Everyone is entitled to their opinions! I personally know a few providers that also ask their clients for the same- and I've seen some of their reviews that actually say 'as per her request to not be explicit..' etc, so not everyone has to agree, but it is possible. That's the beauty of the business : everyone can see who they want!

Now onto the FUN :)

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