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Like the lazy ocean hugs the shore, hold me close, sway me more... | 6/10-6/20 & 6/27-6/30
Eloisa See my TER Reviews 4234 reads

As Romeo said, "O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do." Let bodies do what lips would do; what words whispered in your ears might speak... wishing we were kissing and licking, breathing near, on and over, entwined... hands, fingers, nails...


Your steady hands
cradling my grateful
skull: were you taking
in my face to
save an image
you've rarely allowed
yourself after leaving
that cold alcove?
Am I a photograph
you gaze at in
moments of weakness?

You ordered me
off my knees
into your arms.
Wasn't to beg
that I knelt; only
to see you once
from below.

Tried to say something
that filled my mouth
and longed to rest
in your ear.
Don't dare write
it down for fear it'll
become words, just

I aim to find the millionth part difference in the timbre of your sighs~


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