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No one was a hotter MILF than Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) in the Dick Van Dyke Show ! eom
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Ok, for those addicted to nick at nite and similar fare:  thinking of the various TV sitcoms and dramas you've beeb exposed to, which characters would be most likely to be a MILF?  A DILF?   Which would be least likely to be A MILF or a DILF?

Yes, the subversive thread hijackers can reference animated series like The Simpsons, The Flintstones, etc...

In the least likely category I'm thinking the duo of Roseanne and John Goodman.  Carroll O'Connor and June Stapleton make it a close second place.

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as least likely to be a MILF. I'd also vote for Jane Hathaway from the same show, but I don't think she would ever become a mother.

I'm a Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island guy. She seemed much more GFE to me than Ginger.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was my other fav.

Don't remember if he had a kid on the show, but oh, my.  That man could put me in handcuffs any day!


Barbara Eden.  I think I need to find a provider who can dress up like that and I can play Major Nelson and land my capsule in her bottle.  It's either that, or keep working on the time machine to go back in time and nail these gals in their prime.


duh, I guess she wasn't a mom on the show, but in real life I think she was. Sorry not the answer you were looking for.

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Yvonne De Carlo was hot.

How about Gomer and Opies's aunt from the Andy Griffith Show?

I don't think he played a father but I have to say Ricardo Montalban, especially when he was in the movie -- in a swimsuit -- with Esther Williams. Yummy! Then Ricky Ricardo.  Love those Latin men.

The least attractive men (but great actors) would probably be Ernest Borgnine and Edward G. Robinson.


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What about Telly Savalas?  "Who loves ya, baby?"

I look just like him, except I'm tall & skinny, with long curly hair and a beard, but other than that, we're identical.

It just gives me something else to pull on and stroke. :)


No, I'm not THAT old, but old-fashioned is appealing!

A don't know if she ever played a mother in any of her other appearances.

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Funny my ATF I and had this same converstaion not too long ago!
FTR Dana D is now playing a MILF on Desperate Housewives!

Agent 99
Morticia Addams
Elly May Clampett
Anyone remember Mrs Peel?
Although I think as a kid, I masturbated to Debbie Reynolds more than anyone I can think of, LOL

I remember Mrs. Peel - actually there were two of them.  First, Honor Blackman (she was Pussy Galore in Goldfinger) and then Diana Riggs.

As a 17 year old I say Diana Riggs in a black leather catsuite outside a pub in Stratford - she was acting Viola in Twelfth Night at the time.  I have kept and treasure that memory.

but the two women who first "made it move" were Diana Rigg in The Avengers and Julie Newmar as Catwoman in the Batman TV show.  And Jeannie, of course.


Come to think of it she was my first provider fantasy....

technically not a MILF, but still great conceptually.

If I had to pick one it would be Kate Jackson.

No wait, Farah.

On third thought, Jacklyn.

Wanted them all as a pimple faced adolescent.  Still do.

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I believe she was in her 40's when that show was on.  I think I had my first wet dream while dreaming about her.

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The mom on "Make Room for Daddy". Sophisticated, elegant and hot.

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Geez, I'd forgotten about her.  Anne Archer's mother.  Anne Archer is hot, too.

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I had the hots for Marcia Brady when I was a kid.  I saw Maureen McCormick on a re-union show about two years ago, and she's still hot.

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