New Mexico

How about a naughty photo of me at SEX CAMP???
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Hey you sexy fuckers!
This is my first tour to NM, and I am so excited to feel the heat!

I am Samantha sk Good. I am from Duluth, Minnesota and I have an adorable northern accent. I am a college graduate with a disarming personality.

I am known from NYC to Minnesota as a girl with a dirty porno mouth.

As for 2010?...I was voted Minnesota's provider of the year; I'm sure you want to find out why!

I have a SUPER HAWT blog with over 670 UNIQUE, SEXY and some times very naughty photos; the photos range from candid to professional. If you'd like to learn more about me, my blog is a great place to catch some personality, wit and sexiness all in one place.
To gain access to my blog, light screening necessary (whitelist works well, among other things).

I will be visiting Albuquerque at the END of March. I'd love to become acquainted with you before I arrive to ensure a desirable connection.
*Check out my personal website:

I hope you had a great Valentines day with lots of  LOVE!

Soft and pink,
Samantha sofa king Good (if you don't get it say it FASTER AND HARDER!)

We didn't actually 'do anything', though Samantha did slap me around, which I know some would pay for the opportunity, and bit the fuck out me! In public! In the middle of the casino! WTF?!

Just fucking withya! Actually, she's a cool lady. You'll have fun!

Beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile! Nice rack, BTW....! ;)

Eat your red and green chile (go Christmas) and get fired up for a hot time with a wonderful woman...

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