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Why don't you try the review listed for her.  That will show the web-site.  Good luck.

OK....Here we go. Let's talk about the action or lack of action in the SD area. Who are the good ones and the bad ones. Remember the rules of civility ( good manners ) and don't be a trouble maker. Ask questions...start conversations..What do you like / dislike...whatever !Let's light this candle !

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I guess there are enough negatives about the SD Scene that will be expressed on this board at a later time.  I would rather start out on a positive note and post my favorites.  I would like to list my top three but I only have two that are on that list right now.  They would be Stacy and Candra.  Still conducting research for that third one.  Anybody else have three favorites?

I agree with your choice that Candra is certainly among the best in San Diego.  I wish I had the opportunity to put "Stacy to the test".  However, I've tried on three seperate trips to San Diego to reach her, always got voice mail, never got a return call.  I realize that she only works certain hours/days but I'm pretty sure that at least two calls were during those times.  Is she just real tough to find and hook up with, or am I missing something??

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It's funny because it took me several calls before I hooked up with Candra.  I wouldn't take any of it personal as I didn't with Candra.  If you get a chance to try either one you will walk away happy.  I never had a tough time with Stacy but then maybe I caught her at the right time.  From what I know she works Tue-Fri in the day time.  I have seen her more than once and enjoyed myself each time.  She is a little different experience than Candra but a lot of fun.  Hopefully, they are all a little different than each other or we would just stick with a wife or girlfriend!

I appreciate the response.  Actually as I remember it now, it did take a couple of trys to finally find Candra- You're right, sometimes, it's just a matter of luck.  Happy Holidays...

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FYI, I don't know if this is a secret or whatever, but a lot of girls have unpublished numbers. Once you meet with them and they want you to cum back, they will give you the special number that gets to them easier.

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where does one find info on Stacy?

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that's great that there is finally a san diego gets tiring always being LA's little sister so to speak....that's about all i have for now....just wanted to mention some of my favorites...i like caucasian massage girls so the SD Day spa in clairemont and the Absolute Healing Touch on Adams are Absolute healing touch try Bonnie or Veronica for topless the SD Day spa i like Trisha who by the way will also do FS for $300 for guys that she likes......

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I've been at this hobby for a number of years and...San Diego is sadly missing the quality and value available elsewhere.  My travels have taken me across the country and, while there are ripoffs and less than adequate service providers everywhere, many other locations have genuine, fun-loving providers who provide quality service and value.From San Francisco to Phoenix to Dallas to Los Angeles, you can find many more positive posts about providers than you do here.  This is the prime directive of this board to provide to each other the "secrets" we've found and hopefully doing business with only those providers that meet these standards.  With luck, this will keep the friendly above board providers busy enough and will discourage the ripoffs from hanging around here.Keep posting honest reviews.A North County SeekerPS...we need some quality providers up here...No. County coastal.

I agree with you about Candra and Stacy.  They are definitely the top two in San Diego.  I also like Tiffany.  She is really into it once you get to know her and she likes her work a lot.I also think Cindy would be a good third choice.  There was also a girl named christy who advertised on sdexotics who had a great reputation that I personally never met but heard a lot of good things about. I am really glad there is a board for San Diego.  Good Going T&R.

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Where can we see pics of Candra?

Why don't you try the review listed for her.  That will show the web-site.  Good luck.

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