Do you know for sure?
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Last I heard they were laying low for a while.

With the apparent demise of EGC and DMV Indys in Washington DC, any thoughts on how we can contact some of their superstars (Sophia White, Victoria Von Dutch, Heidi) to go Indy and come to CLeveland.  They used to rotate through every couple of months and now that their agencies are gone so are they? :(

Last I heard they were laying low for a while.

EGC has no girls listed and the video link is disabled.  DMV still has ads up but none for after 1/30/12.  I have some contact info for Heidi from DMV and I will try and contact her to see what is up

The ladies are probably laying low and will change names.

The agencies are a lot deader than just laying low.

Heidi only came here a few times but would love to see her back.  Brittany Harper too!

Yuuummmm...Sophia!  I tried to set up with her the time before last when she was in Cleveland, but I had to back out before we finalized arrangements.  That is my biggest regret in this hobby so far!

If she ever comes back, don't let the opportunity pass you by

I'm more than a little concerned about EGC going under too, considering Victoria was a favorite provider of mine. However, there is some hope. She told me the last time I saw her (back in January) that she was wanted to go independent and just offer services to the clients she has already seen, not even planning to advertise. I still have her direct number that she gave me, but no response when I have texted or called hr about what is going on.

Does anyone here have any information about Victoria or her plans? Would be greatly appreciated!


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