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Do ya REALLY want to go there? I think not. (EOM)
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Was checking out the new reviews section today. I could've just not say anything, but, I like to bring this to attention because it is misleading. Also, I could've post this on the RO board, but figured it would serve those here in DC.

We've been discussing these ripoffs from Eros now for a bit, and some newbies are familiar with their ads now. Look at that review down there. It's fake. Her ero's ad stated $350 for two hours. He put $300 for two hours. The initial contact is wrong, I just called this provider to check it out. It's the standard call, you call the phone number and some agency lady will say Mackenzie will call  you back. I am pretty familiar with the ripoff Eros ad, and Mackenzie is no exception.

You should also check out his review of Connie, another well known Ero's ripoff. Unfortunately for him, another review was honest in his review, and stated that she is a ripoff. Take a look at both Eros ad, and see the similarities. Both state incall and outcall, these ripoffs don't provide incall, period! They never put location.

I think this review is dangerous because it is very misleading. For those newbies, or out of town guys, they'll read his review and think its genuine.

http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?ID=201848  (The new review)
http://www.eros-dc.com/files/235407.htm  (Mackenzie Ero's ad)

http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?ID=195368   (Connie's review)

His name and CC info should be exposed here and blacklist websites.
The names of all fake reviewers, escorts and agency owners should be exposed here and more.

Mr. Fake Reviewer take that! Are you scared of being exposed? Are you afraid your wife will find about this? Are you afraid that LE will now follow your tracks?

Fake Escorts, are you scared that someone will find your real name and post it all over the web like the facebook, and your family members and employers  will see that you are "escorts"?

Fake Agency Owners, someone will report you to IRS and DOJ for money laundering and tax evasion. In the past couple years you guys made over a milllion ripping people off. You better pay the tax on all your earnings, or else people will file a complaint...

Why? Did you write fake reviews?

It is not like I want or am stupid enough to waste my time dealing and associating with these fakers.

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No but it would help legitimize a habit we don't want and next thing you know it might be someone exposing your ass.  This is a problem we have to learn to deal with and manage by trying to use common sense, boards, and other resources.  The problem is a bit like trying to avoid buying a lemon of a used car.

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This is something I could even possibly fall for except I consider all EROS ads suspect.  The only other thing that would slow me down a lot is that I am also suspect of TER profiles where there is only one review.  In this case though I look at the review's other reviews and they appear reasonable and cover a range of experiences.  We must wonder of some of these rip offs are setting up TER accounts from a different computer/IP, writing some reviews random, then trying to give their rip off some credibility.  Unfortunately it is hard to stop all of that.  The main thing in general for newbies, and actually any of us, is to be a rather suspicious with one review profiles.  I suppose if the one reviewer had lots of reviews and some White List references it might be a safe bet.  But otherwise this is a good example of why caution is necessary.

He gives a different email address than in the Eros ad, too. Maybe he's got the wrong Mackenzie?

Typical ripoff rocketmail email address on the Eros ad.

Different email and phone number in the TER review.

These ripoff girls often change their phone number, email address, and names, but its all the same ripoff things. The reviewer writes fraud and misleading reviews of ripoffs girls from Eros, he has no credibility to me.

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