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Re: The ad says she does NOT see AA's or Latinos. EOM
wrps07 343 reads

Sometimes it is a code word that they don't want to see ghetto black guys/thugs.

Aside from.disagreeing with that stance philosophically, it isn't an impediment... I was more wondering if anyone had seen her  :-P

I wonder if it's yet another BP scam.  Ad says she's a blonde, when the pics clearly are of a brunette.

DickyJones348 reads

not surprised. Sorry if you are one of these two race, but  many ladies have complained that latinos and AA's don't leave good tips and are too vulgar. Not a cool way to treat any lady.  Try spreading the message to other guys of treating the providers with respect and dignity...

We were supposed to tip them? Oh boy I've been a rude jerk!

DickyJones265 reads

I was not trying to say that you MUST leave a tip...  just trying to illustrate how BEING CHEAP with the ladies in this business will not get you too far.However, I am confident that they will treat you better next time, and/or vouch you more positively to others, if you are considerate enough to leave some tip and encouraging words at the end. Common Sense, man

wrps07344 reads

Sometimes it is a code word that they don't want to see ghetto black guys/thugs.

She's the real deal, however, it looks like her passion is for her entertainment and make a bit of money in the process. If you watch her videos (her website is linked in the BP ad), she looks like a real freaky girl. Too bad she only sees African American and Hispanic men. Also, her screening method requires a face picture, to which I cannot provide.

wrps07301 reads

Number 1 no way would I send my a picture like that. In the past she disclosed some streets where her incall was to to point you could figure out what hotel. What time she disclosed the hotel.

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