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They will retain it for years. Be prepared to also receive unsolicited text messages. I got those from BP and well reviewed providers. Sometimes I work at home and the wife is around I have to play it off.

OK... I e-mailed a provider in the area to set up an appointment today and was a little put off by her stating that she keeps "meticulous records" of her encounters... We had a converstation over e-mail and she asked for my phone number since she did not recognize my e-mail (understandable since I have a few accounts. After providing it she recalled who I was and all of our pervious meetings which leads me to believe that she does in-fact keep redords of her interactions with hobbiests.

Told her I was no longer interested in seeing her and asked that she lose my contact information. She responded that she will keep the records indefinetly to "protect herself"...

My question... do any of you ladies use this practice? If so how can retaining this information help you in protecting yourself after an appointment has already taken place? Seems to me it would be more damning to ladies to retain the information than it would be to destroy it...

Data retention is the main reason I do not visit agencies... but if this is a new trend I guess there really is no difference in seeing an Indy or and agency girl!


Even when they say they don't.

I can't tell you how many times I have received emails out of the blue from providers that I have not seen for years. The last one I received was from a provider that I had one session with in 2008.

In my opinion, the vast majority of emails never get deleted.

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They will retain it for years. Be prepared to also receive unsolicited text messages. I got those from BP and well reviewed providers. Sometimes I work at home and the wife is around I have to play it off.

..to invest in hobby phone and use hobby email account . I am not saying you don't have a hobby phone, but just saying in general.

I keep meticulous records too, but in my head, not on paper or in my email account.

Keeping the information to protect herself could be simply if you emailed her after the session and told her what a wonderful time you had and can't wait to see her again....then....up goes a review that is insulting and far from what happened......this happens all the time....evidence disproving a bad review is now available.

We all keep info, whether its an email here and there or a phone number in our hobby phone. There is a trail, and always will be, there's no way to avoid it.

You should always assume that any information you divulge either by text, phone call, email, or chat during the session will become "part of your permanent record".  If you don't want it out there then I'd recommend not putting it out there.  I think it's naive to believe at least some if not many of those folks you deal with are not going to retain your information, either for future screening, business development, references to other providers or agencies, etc.  Also, I believe it is incorrect to think that independent ladies are less inclined to retain your information than agencies; agencies and independents both require it for the same reasons.  Some independent ladies do not, I'm sure, but I'm certain many do.

There's lots of information about you out there.  Your license plate from the parking lot, your face on the condo entrance camera, your recorded voice from a call you made, your text and call history with your cell provider, your email cache with your email provider, your photo from the lady's cell cam, your DNA on the wine glass (and many other places).  Not being paranoid, just sayin'.  Once you put your information out there, it's not just yours anymore...

I just had a girl want me to photograph my drivers' livense and send it to her.  NO WAY!!!!!

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surprised she didn't ask you to include ur SSN and CC info with it.
I wonder what they are really thinking, lol.
Although u can later say u misplaced your driver license a few times.

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Those lists are not really kept for "safety" reasons but more as a "go to" list when times get slow. Also good for blackmail purposes.

Yeah, blackmail happens plenty in this business. We just don't hear about it all the time.

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