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So I've missed the boat with Farrah and hot providers from I Luv Hot (their listing changed). I've scoured ter DC ads, but don't find any of my preferences available; I am more of college hunter and not into milfs. I'd rather not take my chances with BP or Eros, but prefer ones with ter reviews or member recommended. I am looking for somebody in mid-20s or younger and 8+ looks score...like Farrah or Grace/Ophilia from I Luv Hot!

Any recommendations?

Check out www.cummingstreats.com you will love what you see. A collection of chocolate worth sampling.

Ive seen 3 of their ladies and to be honest, they are almost interchangable. They just posted a couple new ones! I think they pretty much follow a theme there........young, thin, and WILLING TO PLEASE!

She travels with Blair LaChapelle.  I have seen them both and would see them both again,  but if I had to choose, it would be Nyla.  I have also seen many of the Iluvhot ladies and Nyla is a much different experience.  More of an asian mix  private school girl who gone bad.

Some say Farrah is still in town, Blair is a rising star & very available, others say Nyla Ki is better...
May be we can get some kind of contest going! Miss TER DC 2012!!

In two or maybe in 3 different threads now you have attacked a well know provider what for what??? your OPINION has somehow made ppl on this board second guess the 20+ reviews this girl has received literally from TER members all over the country ....and the motivation is why??? to inform your fellow member of what?  
...because she is NOT a rob
...doesnt use fake pics
....has a full on GFE menu does all most everything under the sun

....I saw her name mentioned with great praise someone even sugg. starting a Miss TER and she was one of the girl mentioned who inspired the idea now all of a sudden You say she is soooo terrible because you dont like the hotel she chose or you think she went to the washroom and didnt wash her hands ect when she came out!?!?!? Why has no one else charged her will all these things after a year of reviews...why just you and not even on a review but a post you managed to sneak in on this board....

Anyone using an alise to try to tear down someone else least of all a hot young 19yr old who is providing a service for us is a coward and in no way should remotely be taken seriously .
your all over this board and every post you have on here in the last 24 hrs is a Flame about 1 girl.....your acting like a jealous provider who hates that all the attention she was getting... oras if your doing this for a jealous provider but I have know idea why any would be forming and opinion about a provider who has as many different reviews as she does  totally discount that fact for someone using an alies.

Dont even address me until you reveille yourself.  Be a man, boy!

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All eloquent_reviewer did was to inform other fellow member of the experience he had with a particular provider and that's what's supposed to be the purpose of this forum. You on the other hand has nothing to contribute to that try to prevent other member from receiving information that would potentially help them with making better decision to see the provider.  What is wrong with providing first hand information to help fellow member make better decision to see a provider?  What only positive comments are good advises, negative comments  are not??  What is wrong with making people second guess her reviews? Unless you are providing fact to prove the information is false which you are not, all you got is she's a hot young 19 years old by your standard.  So what she has 20 good reviews.  Does that mean that all of them are 100% accurate? No. Does that mean that none of them is 100% accurate.  No.  Does that mean that people should go see her solely based on the mere 20 good reviews shes had? F No.  Some People want to know more about a provider before deciding to see her or not not just because she's 19 years old.  Do you want people not do that and just ignore the negative comments when making a the decision?  You sure seemed like it. What is your motivation?

Michael Jordan!!!!....Hey is that really you!!!!.....Can I get your autograph???.....umm for my kid of course =D

Look First of all some of the B.S. "he" wrote  TER even thought it should be removed because the comments that YOU read that I wrote...was a response to what EqRev wrote that is not even on this board anymore...get it!...TER REMOVED it...because it was b.s.!  Now since he used an alise no one knows who EqRev is right...so MJ whats your motivation for coming to his defense? Hmmm....(its rhetorical)

anything else you need to say to me or about me PM me about it.

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