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i am looking for a milf. I havent seen many on the boards lately... Any suggestions? Dont wanna toftt i want to meet an older provider because i heard that it could a different awesome experience.  I tried contacting a few but the one i have been hoping to meet has not emailed me back for two weeks now.  I think she felt that i would not like her because i have only seen agency and younger girls.  But i sought after her and i have explained that i would like broaden my experiences.  Plus i have heard nothing but raves and rants about her which only want me to meet her more. So my question is this.. Are there any milfs out there that you guys have met that are great? If so a pm or response showing me the wah would be rad.. I need to get this milf fix taken care of! Thanks

I would suggest Pamela Plays, Stevie Thunder and Darling Dixie. If you budget allows, try the top-rated provider in DC. If milf just means a hot-looking older woman that you would really like to f*ck (doesn't have to be a mother), then Katherine Avery definitely qualifies.

thanks for the 411 java and yes julia i have definitely been checkjng you out! You are hot! Really wanna meet you too! Any other ladies out there that want to school this fellow? Btw i am 32. And i love me older women! Dont be shy give me a holler back! Thanks - L

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