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Eros is pretty receptive if you tell them how you feel about the fake pics. EOM
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As of today, Fae/Faye/Hope is gone from advertising on Eros. Most professional photography is protected by copyright. As we know, this scammer was using Breena Rosillo photos. To report these incidents, scroll down on the main Eros page and on the lower left will be the Legal section. Then press on Photo Complaints. Fill out the very small form and Eros will take down the ad. That is one small Victory at a time, but it does show we can fight these scammers. BTW, I also contacted Breena's people. The scammers TER ID is 199448

If we invest some time, we can get these scammers out of our town because mostly all of these scammers use fake photos of professional models. One small step for hobbyist, one giant step to deter these ripoffs in eros.

I didn't even noticed that in eros, and its good to know that we can report false photos. Cooooool !

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Our beloved DB911 use to call them out on use of other peoples pics alone with others here. But they they changed it where you had to submit too much proof that the person using it didn't have the right to use it and they even said something to the affect you could be held liable for loss of income and court fees.

But later they changed it back to where we could send them simple information such as a link to models website or where the photos were used.

I've since submitted on several after creating a new gmail account just for that purpose. I have not looked back to see if they actually removed them or not.

Believe me, Eros is all about money, losing an account hurts the bottom line, especially when so many start sending it proof of all the scam ads. It takes them time to verify the legitimacy of it, then if they decide it is a copyrighted pic, removing the ad looses the accounts that post them every month.

Sooner or later the scammers are going to do their own check of pics they steal to be sure they can't be found from image search engines.

Oh, and if Eros really cared to clean up fraud, they would do this for every ad, it's not that difficult

you don't get a refund.  So Eros is not loosing anything when they take down fake pic ads.  Your ad doesn't go up until you pay.  

...If they get the reputation that providers' ads are getting pulled, demand for Eros might go down. Ladies will then gravitate towards other venues of advertizing such as BP/ CV etc. I don't know if BackPage and CityVibe also pull  the ads or they just look the other way.

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Like I said, Eros changed the policy before to be strict and threatening to anyone who tried to show they were fake stolen pictures, why? Because they started to loose steady clients and income.

So again if every ad using stolen pictures are removed now, they will likely change policy back again to limit their losses like before.

These are real people out there getting hurt, these girls are professional models, girls from coed contests etc. A large percentage of them may not choose to escort and would be pissed if their reputations are subject to these deceptive tactics. Not to mention, these girls, their publications, and photographers are not getting compensation for their copy-write work. Even if they did, these scammers are using false advertising, false claims of service etc.

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