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casino openning
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For all of the providers, in the event you don't know that there is a new casino opening in Arundel mills mall. According to the ads there will be a lot of VIP players as well as politicians, and captains of industry. This would be a great opportunity for providers to make a lot of money. I hope to see every one of you (providers) there.

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No offense, but I hear LE is trying to crack down providers like crazy. Just because everyone is running away from there does not warrant you should come here to RECRUIT some.

I don't think its a good idea for providers to advertise themselves there. The casino is suppose to be the biggest casino in Maryland, and not the country as I previously stated a few threads ago. I did drive by that place, and it does look nice.

There was a thread in the GD board about providers having business cards, and I'm just being sarcastic about it. It's not a good idea to advertise themselves there. They can try to hook up with the men there, but, not advertise themselves there. All of the VIP's, politicians, and cool cats already know about TER if they are discrete, and there is no need to advertise themselves as providers at that opening event.

I'll be there. You can spot me with my cowboy hat and gator boots, I'll be dress in an lime green jumpsuit. That casino is a good source of entertainment, fun, and food. There be some local freaks as always in those casinos.

Or are they going to have table games like a real casino?

There will be slot machines there. There will also be computerized roulette, computerized card deck deals with various games such as black jack or baccarat, and computerized dice rolls. Everything is computerized. To answer your question, yes, there will be table games, however, the table games will be computerized, and there is no human dealers.

Not the genuine thing as the Las Vegas casinos. You can watch a video clip of it at the bottom, it shows the partial layout of the casino.

Here dude, you can check out their main website http://www.marylandlivecasino.com/
They got some very nice restaurants opening soon too.

Why would providers go to a place which is amost guarenteed to be crawiling with LE? This isnt Las Vegas pal!

Posted By: Blowtorch333
Why would providers go to a place which is amost guarenteed to be crawiling with LE? This isnt Las Vegas pal!

.... Las Vegas is uber hardcore when it comes to working girls. They have a vice squad that is like none other when it comes to working girls.
    Alot of us, Id imagine, dont troll casinos but its not that unheard of. Girls are ALWAYS in the Hard Rocks in Tampa & Hollywood(FtLauderdale).

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I am sure that that Vegas vice squad had trained Anne Arundel County, MD Vice on their techniques.  Some of the ladies that I have seen have been busted multiple times in the Vegas hotels. One told me they busted her when she got on the elevator.  They had a list of ladies who have been banned at certain hotels.

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