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Any BP add with East Indian is fake eom
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didn't reveal that they were stolen or anything suspicious. But @ 160 H, she could be a massage only gal at best.  So don't expect any FS.  Outcall only is a red flag though. Also, most East Indians are rip offs too, unless they have good reviews...

TOFTT if you are feeling adventurous.

Nothing for nothing....but she could be 21....OR she could be 16.  Just on the look, I'd tread cautiously.

let's see....

super cheap

professional photos

outcall only

do the math

ripoff. Yeah dude, I scroll backpage often on my mobile app, and there are plenty of these ripoff girls. Believe me when I say she is definitely a ripoff. Don't call this girl and waste your money. She doesn't provide an services. Be careful doing outcalls in Backpage too, some are legit, and some are plain ripoffs. I've typed outcall and found a few list of ripoffs in Backpage for you. Look at these ads, see how similar they are. There are plenty of them around in Backpage, just be careful. Kelly is definitely a ripoff, don't waste your money.


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