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Uh, that's a pretty awesome "primary"...
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You need another woman when you're with your primary....?  Wow!

Got a question...

My primary will be visiting in a couple weeks.  Her and I have talked about bringing in another provider to see how that goes.   She suggested it.  I'm curious how in the wild, wild  west do I even begin to search for a provider willing to meet a couple...when in reality, the couple is me and my primary provider??

I'm looking for quality.

My initial thought is to find providers on EROS who indicate openness to couples and then pitch the idea.  But this is an idea I have never done...so I want to make sure I pursue it in  a way which would be more likely to find a top flight provider open to th idea.

I would think it would be best for you to contact ladies who see couples, and be open with the fact that it will be you and another provider. It would likely be a whole different dynamic than a lady going to visit a couple in a committed relationship/marriage. And it could really benefit you too - both ladies could get in touch and plan a really special ;-) evening for you together!

Whenever I see couples I always insist that the woman views my site and reviews and that she is the one making final cut so to speak


PS I am also visiting in couple of weeks :)


Thank you.

You do make sense...the only hiccup is that my primary is a travelling girl.  Always on tour.  So she might not be abreast of who's who around here.

My primary - Adriana ( WWW.adrianadeville.com)

I agree 110% to having her choose...it's just the dynamics of the whole thing which has me doing the recon on this.

You need another woman when you're with your primary....?  Wow!

Posted By: RockyRococo
You need another woman when you're with your primary....?  Wow!

No, I think you misunderstand.  

No "need" for another provider...but she pitched the idea to me in April and I thought it would be worth exploring further for both her and I and the experience in general.  I've seen Adriana 2 or 3 times every year since 2008...so things are always cool there.  In fact, unless someone amazing comes along...she IS my hobbying.  A quality friend!.  Just wanted to give further consideration to something we talked about during our last get-together.

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Here is the simplest way to go about it

She goes on PO, posts ISO and lets us respond.

She chooses the lucky gal.

Fun to be had by all :)


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