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Question regarding Virginia Beach and DC?teeth_smile
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Planning my first visit to Virginia Beach and although I've visited most of VA; have never been to that area. Like to feel safe and secure so my question is to the ladies or the gents "What are the best areas to stay in and is it worth the trip?" I'm driving up with my GF from Florida so I can take it or leave it but wouldn't mind visiting a new city for a change. Please feel free to PM me with details! I appreciate it! Also my 1st TER Meet and Greet was in DC .....are you having any M&G in late June or July? Look forward to your input! Hugs JoJo

Now a days! It used to get kind of ghetto on summer weekends but they have cracked down on the lowlifes.

DC is another story. Good parts and really really bad parts. Stay out of SE and Anancostia (Marion Barry's hood!)

VA Beach is very nice these days. The Hilton is about the best there I think. The bar Catch 31 and roof top are very nice. The beach is well maintained and a lot better than it used to be.

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