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Hair vs. no hair
LongDuckDing 659 reads

After a conversation I recently had with a local provider, she told me that she was more into guys who were hairy versus the guys who were clean shaven. And when I say hairy, i don't mean just down "there", i'm talking about chest, back, facial, ect.

I'm a clean shaven guy myself. This question is for the ladies out there. Which do you prefer your clients to be?

Hair, no hair doesnt matter. Just be covered with greenbacks!

...if you're gonna have hair anywhere from the neck down don't let it be long enough that I can floss on..... thanks so much.

No preference, as long as he smells shower fresh.

I don't have any preference either if the client is fresh & clean all is good.

Girls have actually suggested that I should shave to make the experience more enjoyable. When I didn't shave my balls, I can see some girls were reluctant to suck on my balls because it was hairy. Also, I can see that the bush was also getting into the way.

Now, with clean shaven balls, girls don't hesitate to suck on my balls at all, instead, they just dive in without hesitation. Its kinda like DATY on a hairy bush vs a shave pussy. I don't want hair to get stuck on my tongue while I DATY, and sometimes their hairs intrude the experience. When they shave, I can just tackle their pussy.

I shave most parts of my body, including my armpit, belly hair, my nut sack, and the crotch area. Everyone got their preference. But, I do have an advantage over others when I shave from my own personal experience.

I agree on the balls part or at least have them trimmed very short.

I usually do it in hot showers.. This relaxes the sacks and you can gently shave over them. Nair also seems to help!

I keep my ball hair trimmed.  I dont wax my balls but use the close cutting clippers......and carefully is the operative word, even with clippers.

Okay dude, first, if you have hairy balls, then use a clipper to trim it down to a point where it is shavable. I then use the trimmer on my shaver and glide the balls. Almost like I'm cutting hair, you would want to gently pull your ball sack and glide the trimmer up and down and around, make sure the trimmer doesn't touch the skin. The trimmer needs to only glide through the hair. When you removed enough hair with the trimmer, there will be less hair. Then, I use the regular shaver, and gently pull the skin on my ball sack, and let the shaver do the work. It does take some time to get use to at first, but, after you've done a few, you'll get accustomed to it.

I typically shave about once a week. If you let it grow in too long, then it will take you more time to shave. If you shave once a week, it will take you less time to shave. I have a panasonic shaver, and I bought mine at target. It was about $250, but, that money is well worth it. Its a good shaver. I have provided you a link to some of their selections.

Oh, some guys say shave their balls with a doll razor blade, I never tried that before, but, I'm sure that works well too. I'm just use to using my electric shaver, and that gets the job done very well too. Girls will just attack my nutsack without much hesitation.

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shaving down there made my johnson look bigger!

I like men who don't have much hair, however, if you are hairy, please be very clean. Nothing worst than a smelly hairy guy lol

MsAtalanta213 reads

I don't mind short har but if Its long enough to get caught in between my teeth it should be trimmed

I bought the "as seen on TV" personal trimmer at w-Mart for ten bucks and it has such small teeth that it reduces the chance of nicking yourself. It shaves very close (razor stubble) on the sack with no issues. Then i use it on chest, and everywhere else too....

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