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411 on Morgan
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She looks TGTBT, but I googled the number and found some other ads. Has anyone seen her?

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I've seen some pictures where she was posing in some amateur porno sites. There were too many of her pictures scattered everywhere, most where in amateur porno sites, and some where other providers were using her pictures. I've even seen some of her pictures where the provider was offering $60 specials. There were too many providers using her pictures with different phone numbers. More than likely, its not her when you show up. But, it may resemble her.

I also researched the phone number, and found a link where a hobbyist expressed his disappointment in her service. I can't post that site here because its a competitors website.




5-2, 125 -- no way.  Pictures are not of a short fat chick.

If 5-2 then maybe 95.
If 125 then probably about 5-10 or taller.


5'2 and 125 is not fat at all. Please regard the chart below as I think you are sadly mis-informed and are prob missing out due to your misguided perception of height & weight ratios. Good luck to you!

I get it. You look on BP, see a hot chick and hope like hell she is legit. But let's be honest. You know, and we all know, before you even ask, that there is no chance she is.
The tools are out there to search pics. there are other sites for escorts that you can check.
The chances that the BP add is TGTBT far outway ANY chance of finding the needle in a haystack.
You may get lucky, probably not, but if she or others are legit, hold on for a week or two, the add will still be running, maybe she will have gotten a review somewhere in that time.

If you absolutely can't wait, then i suggest you delete BP from your browser and take a cold shower

By the way, absolutely no animosity is intended from the above post!

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