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questions do you need from your 411? You just put a name. I had to find her reviews to see what's up. If you look at her preferred411, she just log on today on the 24th of May to check her preferred411 account. Also, her reviews are pretty current, she got one for April and May.

It would be helpful if you stated your concerns or questions, instead of just a "411" and a name. I hope that is not how you set up appointments with providers either. Anywho. If you have a question or a request, please, can you be more specific about your request. "ELEBORATE". I hope I'm not stepping over the boundaries of manners, I'm only giving you constructive criticism.

Here is something I've learned in elementary school. The five W's. Who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how. You got the who part. But, what do you need to know, why did you decided to post this info (is there something that you need to know?), what is it that you want us hobbyist to answer for you? What kind of questions do you have? Please help us, so we can help you. Thanks!

If he's been here for over a year, he should have familiarized himself with these threads. You can't just put up a single two word incomplete sentence, and expect someone to make inferences on what he is trying to say. He didn't even use a complete sentence. I don't know what he is asking, do you? I have every right to criticize him.

If he's been here for over a year, and someone didn't criticize him yet, and he's gotten to this point. Well, someone didn't do their job. I'm not the crazy person here.

Let me ask you a question. Do you want these boards to be informative and efficient? If we don't inform these guys, they'll continue to do it. If he was my employee, I'd fire his ass for his derelictions a long time ago. I mean, he's been here for over a year, at least put some effort into it. Do you know what his thread is asking you? Neither do I.

In grade school, they teach you to use complete sentences. Use them! If he has a special condition, then, well, excuse me then. Sometimes you gotta be tough on these guys.

He blew in in May of last year, wanting to know who wanted to do the birthday boy (in  a single sentence).  Then later that same day, he expressed his displeasure in a new thread, again a single sentence 'Where are all the ladies?".

Then a few other posts later in the same 2 or 3 word 411 style....

Ignore him.

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Are you stalking me asshole ? You seem to know a liittle to much about
my postings. There that was a complete sentence dipshit !!
Get a life

towards someone who is trying to help you. And yes, you have to be more specific as to what you want. We can't read your mind.

the more senior members all take the time to answer everyone's question and seriously try to help the newer players to the hobby. They aren't here for you to snap your finger, blurt out a name, and expect to get all the information you desire. If you want info put some effort into how you ask.

I just did a simple search, and found your recent post one year ago in May of 2011. You can find all of my post too by searching under treads. Your welcome.

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Yes I know but why would I want to look at your posts from a year ago or yesterday for that matter?

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I just did a simple search, and found your recent post one year ago in May of 2011. You can find all of my post too by searching under treads. Your welcome.

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