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Scam Watch-Hope becomes Faye, Faye becomes Fae
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To elude us capturing the truth, the scammers keep switching names and changing contact information.  Such is the case of Hope/Faye/ and now changed to Fae (TER ID 199448). You will find Fae advertised on Eros-dc.com/files/167777. Other scammers you may or may not be aware of can be found below.

Veronika supposedly has incall as well as outcall--eros-dc.com/files/119832.htm




These scammers have ripped-off countless people, not just us folks starting out, but many-many who have passed through our area. This can't be good for the reputation of our area when viewed through the larger perspective of escorting in America. Other people have told me watch out for DC. In other cities like Philly or NYC this bullshit wouldn't happen for long. Happily so, we live in a very civilized locale, but we must remain vigilant to thwart these scammers.

Anybody looking up Leigh @ 571 338 3004 might find nothing because the contact information had changed again. She is a scammer whom had recently changed her name from Leah. Previously she was Alexis, and Alyson. Her TER ID is 171853. We might want to petition for another TER category where we can place scammers in transition. Just saying.

they have been scamming clients for years now. I am sick of this shit! You know Fox 5 have a special investigation team, you call them and they'll be able to investigate the ripoffs. You might have seen some of their cases. For example, they recently did a case on a ripoff charity fund, and they money was not going to charity.

Anyhow, I'm just sick of this shit, these so call escorts. I'm gonna call Fox 5 undercover team to track these girls down, and possibly set up some camera footage of their conniving and deceptive business practices. Hopefully, they can find the source of this ripoff agency and shut these girls down. Yes, they are misleading the consumers, and the public has to know about these girls ;)

Oh now I have to watch the news...lol...it is sad, really sad and something really needs to be done about these things but seriously what can you do but keep posting the info where maybe guys will figure it out.

AsK yourself a question, why does this scam remain largely in metro Dc, and not in other places? Isn't this a serious question? As of late, Eros, even cityvibe and BP are filled with these kinds of scammers. If we could write reviews and update them without rewriting them--this would be progress as far as what we can do on TER. We need to bring everything to bear on these scumbags. Everybody needs to be part of the solution. If their are so many scumbag scammers here, does that mean there are just as many suckers here, or suckers passing through?

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....Other people have told me watch out for DC. In other cities like Philly or NYC this bullshit wouldn't happen for long....

My question is, would they be killed? lol......

(it may take me a while to post this....i can never read the damn Captcha's..)

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next time, if some LE or cop says that all escorts have sex for money and that your calling one makes you guilty, you can use these scammers to prove them wrong. lol   Get a lawyer or agent to call one of them and video tape the encounter, and use it in the court as defense. Now, that will make an interesting scenario, hahahah.  The PD in the area will get pissed and go after the scammers...

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